Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 2 - Preston MTC: Auf Wiedersehen, Missionaries! 10/30/13

Elder Ridd & Elder Prows
Hey Mütter! What's up?

Anyways where to start? Well, the member of the 70 that was here was Elder Herbertson (from Scotland) and his talk was really good. He spoke about his mission and some other experiences that he had had which were really neat. 

Well, other than that, the days are basically the same as the last week. Consisting of mostly studying German and the Gospel, eating, preparing lessons, then teaching lessons then repeat. Well, until it's a Wednesday or a Sunday; on Wednesdays we usually go to the temple in the morning and then get free time till 6. On Sundays we have church, then we have devotionals throughout the day, and it's nice to see all the other missionaries the whole day. Our district has started something called Deutschtag (German day) where we all have to speak German the whole day. Not one word of English. 

We have been teaching so much in German! This week we have started teaching 2 lessons a day in German.  It was pretty stressful at first, but now it isn't as bad. Yeah - talk about productive; I think I will be fluent in German by the end of my MTC sojourn, we are learning so fast. Sometimes I actually start thinking in German and start talking to non-German missionaries in it. That's how bad it's getting, haha. 

I think the German is coming really fast for me because of a few things. One reason is that I really want to learn it and I am way interested in it. Another reason would most definitely be the gift of tongues, as I feel like everything I learned in 3 years of German came back to me; however It came back a lot better than I had known it before.

Once you get over the first week at the MTC, you kind of get comfortable with it and it isn't as bad. I think the fact that Elder Prows is here makes it better as it feels I have a little part of home over here. But I miss you guys a ton and It is awesome to get your emails on Pday.  Like I said it does get better but I can't wait to get out into the mission field. I feel like German would come so much faster and the weeks wouldn't seem so sluggish. But besides that the Spirit is here like 24/7 which is awesome. It makes the days a lot better and makes teaching lessons to people easy as well. All of our lessons have gone pretty well. 

Unfortunately one of my companions, Elder Abel, rolled his ankle playing volleyball during excercise time. So we get to use the elevator instead of the stairs, which isn't bad. He has a really swollen ankle for the 2nd day now, but it seems like it has been getting better. Still have been running with Elder Prows for exercise time. It has started to get cold here, which is pretty nice. I really enjoy running here opposed to The Woodlands, or Utah, as it is a different culture so almost everything is cool to look at. The cool weather helps as well. 

And the store wasn't held up last week, I just think that there was a miniature fire. We went back to the store today, and I bought some notebooks, and some other supplies I needed.

ZUM GEBURTSTAG VIEL GLUCK to Hayden! That's crazy he's getting old! Tell him that I said Happy Bday and that he's awesome. It's weird how time goes on while I'm away, and he will be pretty old when I come back.

Speaking of birthdays, Sister Gilmour had her birthday on Saturday and we sang to her then which was pretty cool. Sadly we had all the English missionaries leave this morning and we had gotten pretty close with them. Last night at dinner we arranged to sing "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again" and almost everyone was crying. It's weird how in 2 weeks how close you can get to the missionaries here; I can't imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to all of the other missionaries that are going to the same mission as me. Oh, speaking of them - we are the only missionaries currently in the MTC right now, so there are only 13 here until tomorrow which is insane. It feels like there is no one here, as this MTC can hold up to around 110 elders. I hope the Provo MTC doesn't find out, so this MTC can stay the way it is - small.  

But basically everything is great here. The food is English food mostly - they had fish and chips the other day last week, which is their claim to fame. But the food is good and they change it up a lot which is really nice. They haven't really repeated meals yet besides breakfast, which is usually cold, but occasionally they will cook for us. The Belgian waffles are amazing. Seriously, why doesn't America have them like that?

My time has almost run out, so I am going to grab my camera and send you guys some pictures. 

Ich liebe euch so viel!
(I love you all so much!)
Elder Ridd
Preston England Temple

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