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Church History Tour - 11/13/13

Elder Ridd, on the Church history tour on P-day.
 The first LDS baptisms in England took place nearby.

Inside a "way cool" church

I think I will use this as my big email, and link Mom on it. Later I will go through her email again and answer all her Q's.

How are you doing? I am doing good!  These last 2 weeks went by way fast for me. It feels like we just got our new missionaries, yet they left this morning. The days have still been going slow, but when you look back on it it looks like it went by pretty dang fast. The missionaries that were here were all for English-speaking missions - meaning they were only here for two weeks and basically are going to places around the UK. We are getting 8 new Elders tomorrow, and 6 new sisters. There is one that is fluent in German, however they are all going to English-speaking missions as well. Sadly, my workout buddy just left me this morning, but I will still be working out pretty hard. I can tell I have gotten much more muscular in just 2 weeks with this guy. He hasn't really taught me how to box, sadly - haha. I have been getting up early still, yes.

That would be awesome about the Munich thing. I really am excited to go and see all the awesome culture in my mission. When my teacher talks about his mission, we just want to leave already. Oh, I aquired a cool huge Austrian flag this last week (Teacher gave it to me; Greg got a Swiss flag), so let's hope I go there first. Although, any part of my mission sounds pretty sweet. Oh and a little more information about the Mission home-- I talked to my teacher and he says that we will arrive in Munich in the morning. Then he thinks that we will go around Munich that day and try and place a Book of Mormon. After that, we will have a dinner with the Mission President and all of the trainers, and then we have a testimony meeting. After that, the President goes to the stand and starts announcing our missions and who our trainers will be, we sleep over there (at the mission home), and then disperse in the morning. When I found out about this I was super stoked. I just can't wait till I find out where I go and start my mission. Our teacher was like 99% sure Greg is going to Switzerland, so I think that's probably where he will be most of his mission.

Not sure when I am going to buy a coat though, I probably need one when I go over to Deutschland, as it is getting pretty chilly over here.

That's awesome about sharing the Gospel with people through my mission. I never thought I would be able to teach really well in German, but I think I have gotten it kind of down now. Our lessons have progressed so fast and we can almost go into a investigator without a lesson and just teach by the German we know. It is really cool.

So this week was pretty fun. Basically, my schedule stayed similar to the other weeks, besides me waking up at 5 and getting a workout in before everyone woke up, and then a second one during exercise time. Personally I really like it because It starts my day feeling good, and I have gotten to the point where I don't really get too sore. So it's a win-win. Kind of sad that my workout buddy (Elder Gore) just left though; we are keeping in touch which is nice. He is going to London.

But the German is coming really nicely. Teaching is not really stressfull anymore; we kind of just fit lessons to our investigator, depending on what they need, their learning style, and background. I like it a lot better than memorizing lessons like you had to do. We have been teaching around 2 times a day. Our (fake) investigators' backgrounds vary so much; for example, one is a Muslim who is hooked on drugs, but we committed him to baptism; and then one is a college student who likes to try and Bible bash us. It is cool - the opposite spectrums it shows us, basically to prepare us for the field.

So that's how most of the days are going, besides Sundays. This last Sunday we had our first Sacrament meeting in only German and it was way interesting. They called random people from the audience to talk and I wasn't called (which was nice). I am pretty sure that they will grab me next week though as we do not have very many elders and sisters here at the moment. It is back to our original 12 that we started with. It is nice but quiet once again and I don't have to fight for a computer which is really cool. There was a really cool talk from  the Apostle, Elder Jeffrey Holland, that we listened to. Definitely one of my favorite talks now. He is such a powerful speaker and it touched like all of the missionaries. He talked about Jesus calling to Peter after He was resurrected, and how Peter was fishing. Peter had not caught anything all night, and was really disappointed; however, the Lord told him to cast his net over the other side of the boat from the shore. Not knowing it was the Lord, Peter did so and caught a whole net of fish. After that had happened, Peter knew it was Jesus and swam to Him as fast as he could. Then Jesus gave his famous "Do you love me?" 3x to Peter. And He told Peter to feed His sheep. When Christ told Peter to give up his nets and to feed his sheep, He meant to keep feeding them and to not go back to fishing. I hope you can find the talk based off of that. If you can, it is a really amazing talk to listen to. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I probably had all week.
To read or listen to this inspiring talk, click on the following link: 
"The First Great Commandment" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

But besides that, not much is going on. Oh, well besides today. We are going on a Church history tour in like 20 minutes which should be super cool. I am excited to get out of the MTC for a little and finally have some fresh air. I will be taking pictures and will send you guys a lot later on which will make the Mama happy.

I love you guys so much.  Keep being awesome!

Ich vermisse ihr und Ihr seid die am besten familie. Bis Bald. (I miss you all and you are the best family. 'Til later.)
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

Elder Omer (from Italy),  Elder Gore & Elder Ridd
Elder Prows, Elder Gore & Elder Ridd
The Sisters are really obsessed with the swans in the pond outside the MTC -
that's why we're doing this weird sign. 
Elder Ridd & Elder Gore - workout buds
Elder Ridd & Elder Gore are picking up Elder Nunez (in back), from Brazil. Elder Nunez arrived at the MTC
knowing "0" English - he can understand us all now and he has gotten so great with English! 
This was the view outside our MTC classroom
one morning. 

We went to this really cool city called Downham,  It is way old!

This is a pic of the group, which Elder Ridd's mom "borrowed" from a
friendly missionary dad from the Alpine mission! 

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