Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Week in the MTC! 11/20/13

Elder Ridd, in front of the Preston England LDS Temple

Elder Abel & cool car
No problem for all the photos last week! I wish I could say I am sending the same amount this week, but I really didn't take many - sadly. I only have like 1 so far but I will take more and send some more later hopefully. The one I took today is of me in front of the temple. So I'll send that later.

And for Pday you nailed the schedule. Temple then fake Walmart, haha. I have not recieved my itinerary yet for Germany. But I know that I am flying out next Wednesday early in the morning. I will definitely try and give you guys a ring before I take off to Germany, so probably around 5-7AM my time - not too sure yet.

I did receive the package you sent me. Thanks so much, it was amazing! You guys are the best. I love all the pictures you send.

This week has been pretty good! A little stressful, but besides that it hasn't been horrible. I am super excited that we get to finally escape and start the real adventure next week. I seriously can't wait. 

That's cool that you are getting some more temple work done! And that the boys are going to the temple this week. Hayden's got to be a piano pro by now. That kid's gonna be so good by the time I get back.

Elder Abel's foot is doing well! Looks like he will have to wear the boot for 1 month, but after that I think that he will be fine. I will be sad to leave all my friends at the MTC, as I have made so many. The group of 12 I am with will definitely be hard to say goodbye to, but it is really cool that I will get to see them again, in Zone or Disrict meetings.  Haha. I have a lot of good friends here. I've especially gotten close to those from my first group, like Elder J. Smith,  Elder Abel and Elder Holm.  They are super cool and will be amazing missionaries. I will definitely miss these guys and the rest.

The way the time is going here, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. It is definitely weird to think that I will actually be out in the field in a small amount of time, learning German in the most beautiful place in the world. Can't wait.

I am sure Pops did amazing in his talk, and you did great conducting Relief Society. Nice to have a break off while you travel to Utah. I did have to speak in church again. I spoke on Obedience purely in German. I went up there with a card with a talk on it, but I ended up making my whole talk up and didn't have to look at my card. It was way cool and I don't know how that happened. Especially because I can't even do that in English, and it happened in German...Weird.

That's way cool about Parker passing out of all of the Spanish credits. So what month is he graduating? December? Haha.

Workouts have been great. Elder Prows has been waking up with me now, along with a new missionary from Berlin who is pretty cool. His name is Elder Fischer. He is going to a different mission though, pretty sure it's English-speaking.

I think I am good on church books. I got a Book of Mormon in German from the MTC, but I might buy the entire set of missionary scriptures today. German is going great! 

So I will start on what happened this week.

Well it was a pretty fast week, I basically had the usual schedule: workout, eat, teach, learn, workout, eat, teach, learn, eat, learn, teach and then bed. We were teaching mostly 3 times a day this week so that was pretty fun. The lessons are becoming way easier as we get better at working with each other, and as our German progresses. So that is a good thing. Lessons no longer stress us out at all. With real investigators, I am sure they still will be a little more difficult and hard to teach. Just hoping I have an awesome trainer when I go out there. I think I might be with the first companion for 12 weeks. So I am crossing my fingers he will be cool. He most likely will be, but who knows. I now have no idea where I want to go first, as one of our teachers was showing us all these pictures of south Germany. They are incredible - as well as the Austrian photos. Wherever I go, I know I will be super excited to go there and serve. I think that when we land in Frankfurt, we will then take a train to Munich, and we'll be placing Books of Mormon on our way there. I heard the APs will be on the train with us to watch us, but that is pretty cool! Might be a bit scary at first, but I have decided I will just go up to people and start talking, so let's hope I will be able to.

So I heard after I get to Munich, we start street contacting - so right when we get there we get to it. We basically try and place Books of Mormon that whole day from what it sounds like. That will be cool, because at the end of the day, our trainers are assigned to us.

The more I type to you guys about it, the more excited I get.  It seems like it came fast, although it also seems like it took forever.

But basically not much else happened this week. If anything happens at the store I will let you guys know and will take some pictures as well. Love you guys so much and keep being awesome!
Elder Ridd