Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Leaving the MTC Tomorrow! 11/26/13

MTC - 11/14/13
Hallo Meine Eltern,
It's so weird to think that I am leaving tomorrow.

You have no idea how excited I am for the field now. It is so weird that I will be speaking basically only German for the next 2 years. It's weird to think about how today is the last day that I will be in the MTC and at 3:30 AM I will be waking up to leave. Everyone here is so excited and cannot wait to finally move on. I think I will be able to call tomorrow, as long as the schedule goes according to plan and I can find a phone (sadly, Elder Ridd wasn't able to call, but we received a lovely email from the mission president's wife, telling us that he'd made it to Munich safe and sound).  So no worries there and I can't wait to talk to you guys and see how you have been.

Sounds like you guys are all having so much fun. Cool to see Parker again I bet. I heard the the new Hunger Games was pretty good through a "Fake Investigator."  So that's pretty nice.

Another sweet thing Is in the last lesson with this one investigator (our favorite teacher Brother Field), we told him it was our last visit and we wanted to do something different in this lesson. After talking with our investigator, we each bore our testimonies to him (the investigator is played by Brother Field) and the Spirit was way strong. It was definitely awesome to feel that and to go out of the MTC with a bang.

Oh and by the way, Elder Abel got switched over to be another elder's companion. It is now just me and Elder Holm in our companionship.

But today being the last day, we are all together with the English missionaries getting shipped off at the same time as us and are just going through some in field orientation. It is pretty cool, and just so surreal that we will actually be in Germany tomorrow at this time doing who knows what.

But I'm really excited. 

Love you guys tons.
Auf Wiedersehen,
Elder Ridd  

MTC - 10/17/13

MTC - 10/31/13

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