Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Gospel, German & Lifting - 11/6/13

I am doing really well! Yeah it is nice that it’s Pday! Much needed rest from the rest of the days. It wasn’t too bad of a week at all though.

Basically, this week consisted of much of the usual, besides the fact that we have been starting to teach 2-3 investigators every day. This is replacing much of our language study, but we are still picking up the language pretty fast. We have been watching a lot of the Provo devotionals from the Quorum of the 12 which has been pretty cool to see. So we really don’t miss out on those too much. It would be nice to be there in person, however it still isn’t bad as we get the same message as the other MTCs. But it has been going well! We are now teaching once after breakfast, once after lunch, and once after dinner during the week. The first lesson is being recorded now, so we can come to the computer lab and watch ourselves try and teach in German. That has been pretty interesting - haha. It hasn’t been bad though as I can kind of make sure I am doing well comparatively to other elders. But besides that it basically has been the same routine.

Oh, something that hasn’t been that cool was the fact that they do not really let us go on runs anymore. We need a teacher to go with us now, and basically all the teachers do not want to go on runs. So - bummer for us. But if you read the email I sent to Dad, I have been lifting (weights) a lot with a new elder named Elder Gore. He is determined to have me gain like 10-15 pounds of muscle in the week that he is here. He’s a really cool guy and is a huge fitness buff.  We are now lifting twice a day.  Elder Gore was a boxer and is from York (England) - so like an hour from here, and is a super cool guy. All three of the new missionaries are pretty cool.  One of the other elders is from Utah, and one from another place in England. 

We have not yet gone to the store today; we are going in a little while. I am actually getting a haircut today so that will be interesting. I hope this lady does a good job. If not, I basically will go into hiding for the next week. (Not really, hah). But I have seen her work on some other Elders, so it should be fine. She is an actual hairdresser, so that’s good. We also have a member of the 70 coming here tonight to talk to us. His name is Elder Donaldson? I think he is supposed to be a really good speaker so I am pretty excited about that.

My companions are great! Elder Abel’s ankle is doing really well which is good. We went to the temple this morning as well. Forgot to tell ya. 

Well my time for now is almost up! Love you guys so much and keep chugging! Thanks for all the quotes - they are really cool!

Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

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