Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1st P-Day in Tübingen, Germany - 12/2/13

Mama! I will start with writing what I have done this week then address some more of your Q's.

So the first day we were leaving the MTC we got to the airport and then when we went to check in we realized that they had not bought us any tickets.... So we had to wait around in the airport for the longest time and then we finally were able to get tickets on the next flight. For some reason we could not find any phones there which was really weird.. I thought they would have phones in the Manchester airport.

Anyways, so we arrived in Munich and then we met up with President and Sister Miles as well as a few other missionaries. (APs and some trainers). We shortly after departed for the trains in small groups to go teach on the way to the mission home and mission office. We talked to a few different ladies, one of which already had a Book of Mormon in German - but she didn't really read it because she was from China and she would rather read it in Mandarin. So we made an appointment for the missionaries in Munich to go see her, so that they can bring her a Book of Mormon in Mandarin. That was pretty cool - we talked to her for probably around 40 minutes.

That night we ate with the Mission President and all of our trainers, then after we found out who our trainers were and where we were going. That is when you got the photo of me and Elder Stilger. We slept over in the mission home after that and then the next morning we had a little bit of training, then off we went to our separate areas. It all happened pretty fast and it is weird that I have been here for several days already But it is also way cool that I am actually in Germany. 

So when we arrived in Tübingen we immediately had an eating appointment for Thanksgiving. It was really cool because it was with an American family (well, the dad is from America and the mom is from the Philippines) and we had a lot of non-members there. We spoke mostly English there so it wasn't too crazy. Definitely a good way to start off. We had turkey...it was soo good too.We stayed there for awhile then Brother Slatten drove us home with all of my luggage. We basically went to bed after that.

The next day we had weekly planning and all of our other studies. We stayed in all day because we had so much that we had to do. So that day wasn't the most fun. 

Then on Saturday, we had another eating appointment and we taught a little 9-year old girl whose parents were less active; however they are now active again so that is awesome! We ate with them and then shared about baptism, and she is getting baptised next year. We had GMK (Gemiende Missionare Konfernz, or Ward Mission Conference) for an hour before the eating appointment.

The following day was Sunday and it was pretty cool. We had church then after that we had another eating appointment with members of the ward. It was really cool and we set up a family mission plan to help the members get their friends to meet with us and come to church. After that we went home and did our studies and now we are here back to Monday! That's really all that has been happening and its pretty cool so far. We are talking to everyone on the street... well, Elder Stilger is and I  try and say things sometimes, but I am learning a TON from Elder Stilger he is such a good missionary. Definitely the best trainer out of the lot. He is from England. His dad is German and his mom is Swiss. His German is perfect. He has served most of his mission in Austria so far, so that is pretty cool.

In answer to a few of Mutter's questions: We have a fridge and a freezer in our apartment. There's a washer in our apartment complex. We take a train everywhere, or a bus.  We don't have too many biking areas in our mission.  It is a Shvabish (Schwäbich or Bavarian) accent here. And it is way cool here.  Not many huge mountains, but some pretty cool hills all around and awesome German buildings. Christmas will be awesome.

I am planning on doing a lot of shopping today.  For coats, boots, and whatever else I may need. The town is really cool!  It is south of Stuttgart, and is really pretty. I am in a really big area so we take the train to a lot of places. I had to introduce myself and bear my testimony in Church....in German....it went well but was very interesting. Tübingen is home to 2 universities; 83,000 inhabitants and 27,000 students. Click on this link for more info on Tübingen! http://www.tuebingen.de/en

I love you guys and hope you are doing great! 

Elder Ridd

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