Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Zone Conference - 12/16/13

Esslingen on Aus Tausch
Former MTC Mates - Elder Ridd, Sister Gilmore & Elder W. Smith

Guten Morgen Mutter,
Wie Geht's? Mir Geht's gut!

I am doing well! The weeks just keep going, don't they? So weird how fast they seem. But not too much has happened this week  teaching-wise. We have been getting referrals and also have been finding new investigators. S is doing well, but she was sick yesterday so we were not able to go by and they were not able to go to church either. Sad day! Our other investigator, P, is going to England - so she was not at church either. However, when she gets back we think she is going to be baptized, which is amazing. P is around 50 and she came to Germany to visit her brother. She came for two weeks and loved it so she has been here for 30 years now - haha.

The zone conference was really awesome! We kind of had a Christmas party there, and we had a white elephant exchange. I met a ton of missionaries in my Zone. Cool thing is that Sister Gilmore (from the MTC) is in my Zone. I got a picture with her so I will send that over. She is serving in Stuttgart.

We Skype on the 25th, so I will be calling on Christmas. And I have no dea what time, but I think that It will be at a decent time for you guys. Just be sure to keep your Skype logged in.

Hey, I went to a ward council this week too! Cool! Sounds like the Christmas market was lots of fun!  We are going to Reutlingen for a Christmas market today for Pday!

So this week was pretty neat - I got to experience a lot of new things. We were working with the ward a ton this week and we received many referrals from members. The first way cool thing that we did this week was going to Stuttgart for Zone conference. It was pretty neat seeing the big city and some people from the MTC (Sister Gilmore and Elder W. Smith). It was awesome to have President and Sister Miles there, in addition to tons of missionaries from the Zone. We basically ate a lunch, learned about how we are doing and what we want to do in the future, We also listened to the Prophet from the Christmas devotional, which was inspiring. We then listened to Elder Holland from a devotional to missionaries, as well as had a white elephant gift exchange. We all talked about traditions that our families have at Christmas-time, and we also played the chimes - which was interesting.

The next day I also got to experience something new for me. We had our first Aus-Tausch   (I switched comps for a day and went to Esslingen with the District Leader).  It went really well and we went by to see some less-active members. We also found a potentially interested person on the streets whom I talked to (basically) myself and set up an appointment for them. It was pretty cool as my German isn't that amazing. Then we had a lesson on the law of Chastity with one of their investigators named K, who has  a baptisimal date set. She was fun to teach and I did a lot of the teaching - which was really neat. I then participated in GemeindeRat (ward council for their area), which was interesting. I basically just listened to what they were saying because it wasn't my ward - so I didn't have much to input, but the next morning we tausched back and then we continued with our week. We had a Christmas Party with our ward, where we sang and some people played instruments and we talked about Christ.  We had an eating appointment with members yesterday, which was really great. It was with the C family, and they are a newlywed couple. The husband was an awesome missionary and he gives us tips all the time on things that we ask him about. But that was basically my week! And now is P-day!

I love you tons! Thanks for all you do! You are a wonderful example, Mama, and I love ya!

Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd



leslie said...

He takes great pictures!

Joni and John said...

What a beautiful area he is in! He's definitely keeping up his healthy eating habits too:)