Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Letter - 12/23/13

Stüttgart (Elders Ridd & Stilger took the train here this morning on their P-day)
Mama & Papa,
I am doing awesome! It is so weird that Christmas is just around the corner. So excited to see you all! It will be so fun. But not sure on the time like I said. I will try and make it a time when you are not sleeping though.

Haha, that's pretty cool about Lukas going on splits with the missionaries! The missionaries love that, so good job, Lukas! And Mama - not a Gleek? Whatttt?

I always like the Christmas programs, Oh and guess how my church was? On Thursday, they assigned me to give a talk in German for Sunday's Sacrament I had to speak in front of my whole German ward - in German! - yesterday in church! It went well actually. Before my talk, Elder Stilger went through it and corrected my German translation of my talk - on how I gained my personal testimony.  I think I have to speak as much as Dad in church now that I am on my mission. Sadly it's in German. It was pretty good though and I am way glad that that is over with.

I got a mug from the white elephant exchange at the Zone conference/party, which was pretty cool! I bought this photo snowglobe and put a picture of Jesus in it. The snowglobe has hearts all around it, so that was pretty cool. 

That was an amazing eating appointment with the A family. They are such an awesome family. And the Christmas season is so hard for eating good. Especially when you are a missionary.... trust me it is nuts how nice the ward is here. I had some reallly good German cake the other day. It was so tasty. 

Teaching is going well. One member's husband is a non-member and has been against learning about the church for over 35 years. We started teaching him, and when Elder Stilger and I were teaching him, the Holy Ghost touched his heart and now he is going to take the lessons from us. His wife is so happy and loves us so much now. It is so cool. 

Sounds like you had a good time on the bday, Mom! 

I am writing really fast because we are actually going to go soon, so sorry this email isn't very good! But we will talk on Wednesday and I can fill you in on what I did this week and how I am doing!

Love you both so much and thanks for all you do. You are the best parents ever! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

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