Hi Mamma and Pops, 
This week was pretty good! Besides the sickness I told you about (Elder Ridd and his companion got really sick on the 26th and finally started feeling better Sunday night...fever, aches, bad stomach sickness....).  We are all good now though, so that is awesome. It is good to be back into the swing of things. I loved talking to you as well! It was lots of fun hearing all of you again. But it went by pretty fast! Oh well, before you know it we will be Skyping again for Mother's Day. 

Today we had an eating appointment with 2 Chinese investigators at an Italian restaurant. I got pizza - it was pretty good! 

That sounds like a good holiday break! I miss it!  But it has been super cool on a mission as well.  All the members treat us so well that it feels like we are a part of their family, so that is amazing.  The members are really good at giving us referrals to let us teach. We can't do much contacting during the holidays, as many consider this to be family time.  But we are happy to meet and teach as many people as are willing. 

I see the weather update is definitely accurate. Today is a lot colder than it was last week. 

We didn't really have much success teaching anyone this week, as Germany celebrates Christmas differently. What they do is they have Christmas on the 24th, and then the next 3 days are Feiertag, or holidays. So we actually spent German Christmas with the family C, and then we spent American Christmas with the S family. We actually did a lot for German Christmas that I forgot to tell you about on Skype. All of the Tübingen missionaries went to the home of the family C for the 24th, so it was us and the Sisters. We all walked out to a cool little square and listened to a brass band play traditional Deutsch Christmas music. Meaning I have no idea what any of the songs were - haha - but it was still pretty cool. After that, we met up with another family in the ward, the M family, and went to their house where we sang German Christmas songs and listened to the C family play violins. They also shared different Christmas poems as well as read from the book of Matthew in German. That was really cool, as there were a decent amount of people there as well. Then we split and went to the C home, ate a really nice traditional Deutsch Essen, which consisted of pork and sauerkraut. Their sauerkraut is actually way good here in Germany... weird. After that we talked for awhile until Santa came. (In Germany, Santa comes the night of the 24th and brings presents). Santa handed out gifts, and we opened them and chatted. After that we played Yahtzee, which was pretty fun. It was interesting playing a game I know in English - in German.... but it was cool! We had a great time. Sister C's husband (who isn't a member) kept offering us some of his really good "grape juice".... pretty funny, haha. Apparently one year he asked an Elder if he'd like some grape juice, and the elder said "Sure" - but  Sister C was like, "No, no, no!"   After that, their oldest son drove us home. He is about 28 years old. It was a really cool night! The next day we were at the S family's home and I Skyped you.

The day after, we went to a really cool member's house, the H family. They are way cool and the husband is not a member. We ate with them and had a really good time and played Uno. That was pretty cool as well. I love going to the H home, because we always joke with Sister H and her husband about him getting baptized. We think he knows the Church is true.

I feel like I am understanding more and more German every day so that is awesome. By the way, we have transfer calls this Saturday, so basically what happens is if you are not getting transferred the Zone leaders call you that morning and tell you to get on with your life, haha; and if you are getting transferred you do not get a call until way later by President or by an AP. Then they tell you who is going and where. I guess we will see this week.

I love you guys so much and you are awesome! Hope you are having a great time in America.
Ihr seid am besten,
Elder Ridd