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Cows, Chinese Food & the Black Forest - 1/27/14

One of our potential investigators milks hundreds of cows! Pretty cool!
Hallo Mütter! Guten Morgen. Ich hoffe das Du eine wunderbare Woche hättest! 
(translation: Hello Mom! Good morning. I hope you had a wonderful week!).

I am doing good! It was a really good week and we are getting more and more appointments, which has been awesome. Church was good, although P and Brüder A were not there. P has been pretty busy, and Brüder A is still out of town.  (Sadly, we heard that he is having trouble praying himself, afraid of what will happen... even though we explained it thoroughly and went over his concerns last lesson....) 

We had a cool lunch on Saturday. The sister missionaries have a Chinese investigator that loves to cook us Chinese food, and we have a Chinese investigator that is way cool as well, so we invited a member, along with our GML (Gemeinde Mission Leiter or ward mission leader) who is also Chinese. We had a big Chinese cookout and they all made some awesome food. We also left them with a spiritual thought and lesson, and it was really good. Definitely a good idea and we plan on doing it again in the future.

Another cool lesson we had this last week was with the R family once again. It was the first time Elder Badders has been there and the first time I have been there without Elder Stilger. We went right after church, so sadly we had to miss GemeindeRat (Ward Conference). But it was a really cool and good lesson. We showed the Finding Faith in Christ video (Click here to watch the Finding Faith in Christ videoand then talked to them a lot about faith and about Christ and addressed all their questions. It was really good, and I spoke a ton of German there. One of the hardest things with their family is getting another appointment, as I have only met with them twice now, so I made sure I set up another appointment before we left. We are wayyy excited about that and to go back and teach them. The really cool thing is that all of their kids were listening intently to our lesson, and in the first lesson they were all running around and not paying way good attention. Movies help!

P always has so many questions. She always calls herself a "Doubting Thomas" - her maiden name is Thomas. But it is fun to answer them! I just hope that she can figure out that she really needs to be baptized and that this is the true church. She doesn't like reading at all so it is realllyyy hard to get her to read the Book of Mormon. We are planning on showing her the restoration video with Joseph Smith the next time we go over there. 

We haven't gotten to do much service this week sadly, but I am going to start announcing that we are free to help with service in Priesthood at church in the hopes that we get more service projects to do, and maybe help some people's neighbors. We are planning on helping one of the member's neighbors tile their floor, as Elder Badders knows how to do that, so it looks like I will get to learn how - which will be cool. 

Our investigator, making some awesome Chinese food at the church
Elder Ridd received his package in the mail! (That's a shocked expression). 
Hayden driving? What? Now that is really scary. Is he excited to actually be driving or is he a little nervous? That is so weird that he will be able to drive around alone when I get back. So weirddd. But what - Lukas is crashing my car? Come on, man! Haha. And he hit a church member? Dang. Oh well. But what - not going to fix the car?! Nooooo, Lukas!!! 

Not too much up for P-day besides going to the members' house this evening and eating with them. That will be a lot of fun! I really enjoy our German appointments because I can learn a ton more. We also will leave a Preach My Gospel lesson with them, as that is one of our goals (to leave a PMG lesson every week with a member). We are hoping we can get some referrals from them as well. 

I know, right! So weird it is almost February. We actually have transfer calls on the 14th, which is already just around the corner. Weird! I did get the package you sent me and it was wonderful.  Thanks so much for everything. You the best! <3

I bet Dad is relieved the week is over. Sounds way stressful, but I am sure that he did awesome in them all. He shouldn't ever stress - he does well at everything he does. Elder Badders and I are great! We have had an awesome week and we are getting a lot more appointments. It has been fun working with him so far. I need to workout harder, and I will try to this week. I want to stay in tip-top shape while I'm out here - haha. 

Love you tons too, Mama! You are amazing and I know the Lord will bless you for your service in the RS. I bet it's a relief to have a break now! Keep being awesome! Go get a massage or something for your hard work - haha.

And your German looks great!

Ich liebe dich sehr! Und Ich hoffe das du eine gute woche haben werden,
(I love you very much! And I hope you will have a good week). <--thank you, Google translate!

Elder Ridd
Elder Ridd, in front of the Black Forest (They taught an investigator lesson near the Black Forest)
The town of Nagold - a good number of members & investigators live in this town
Photo copied from mission blog - Sister Miles on the far left, with missionaries from Elder Ridd's area
(Elder Ridd is 4th in from left (with scarf); Elder Badders is 5th from left)

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