Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Great Week, Investigators & Food! 1/20/14

Elder Ridd & Elder Badders - enjoying an awesome English breakfast with investigator/friend,
after teaching a lesson

Hey Mama!
My week has been really good! Hope yours was great too. Ward council is always fun! That is really cool that the sisters are going around and doing that service for people (The sisters in our Texas ward have been going around with rakes, raking people's yards!). Service is sooo good in missionary work as it allows the people to trust you more, as well as have a good first impression of you. I think that was a wonderful idea on their part!

We did not start the "No Smoking" program yet; we are just planning it at this stage and trying to pass out flyers. Funny story about that actually - we asked a lady if she knew anyone who would be interested in a class to help people stop smoking; she looked at us and said,  "You know, we don't all smoke," and then walked away. We were like oh.... woops. But most people are really friendly about that. Church was good! We didn't go to ward council. For some reason our ward hasn't been coordinating that or letting the missionaries know. I have been to the Esslingen ward's ward council when I was on aus´-tausch, but that was like a month ago. But church yesterday was really cool. We didn't have too many investigators come, but we got a few referrals at church.   

Elder Badders and I are getting along great! So that is still tons of fun. We did not end up getting to teach the girl M was telling us about last week. She actually postponed the appointment, but we still have her on our schedule - so that is awesome.

We did teach P -  today, actually! We taught her about prayer mostly. We discussed that the Lord can comfort her through prayer, and help her resist temptation as she strengthens her relationship with her Heavenly Father. She asks so many random questions that we were answering them for like 1-2 hours, but it was definitely an amazing appointment. We love P. It is so good that Sister H is such a good friend of hers as well.

Sadly, Bruder A doesn't really use email.  I asked Sister A for his email and she said she takes care of those things, hahahaa. She said he is doing great and she calls him and she prays with him - and also reads scriptures with him over the phone while he is gone. She is sooooo coool. He is totally going to get baptized; we are so excited.

We also had an awesome lesson with two Chinese investigators. They cooked us a pig bone and meat soup which is attached in one of the photos below.

We are just mainly hanging around today - shopping and emailing, as well as Elder Badders is going to get a haircut. But nothing too big or special. It will be fun though, as we do not have to run around all day.  We are teaching a new investigator tomorrow morning before we go to our District Meeting in Esslingen, so that will be cool!

Cool about EFY for Lukas & Hayden, but you signed them up at the wrong school! Nah, they will have fun in Provo too, gotta try both. It is really different with the amount of people that are there.

Hope you all have an amazing week and I love you all so much.
Schöne Woche,
Elder Ridd
Eating with the investigators - Pig bone & meat soup

"We made Knödel  (German dumplings) - way tasty!"

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