Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year! 1/6/14

I am doing great this week. The work has been great and I have been feeling much better. I'm not sick at all anymore! 

The biggest news of the week is that I am not transferred, but Elder Stilger has been transferred to Salzburg, Austria. He'll be serving as the Zone leader there for the next four transfers. But I am staying put in good old Tübingen, probably for another few transfers. My new companion will be Elder Badders.  He will be finishing my training and he is pretty new as well. He is from Elk Ridge, Utah.  I haven't met him yet; transfers are on Thursday. I am sure I will learn even more German with him,  as I will be forced to speak a lot more without my fluent comp, Elder Stilger.  So that will be way cool/new. 

Our investigators are now starting to get back in town! So that's good! We did meet with Brüder A again and he is doing great. He knows that he wants to get baptized but wants to pray about some things. Elder Stilger is sad he will miss it. The lesson was really good. It is hard for me though, as he speaks way fast and his accent is very strong, so it will be interesting to attempt to teach him without Elder Stilger - but I am sure it will be fine. 

Family H is great! We are going over to their house on Wednesday so Elder Stilger can say goodbye before he leaves on Thursday. P is going to be at the H family's home because she is good buddies with Schwester H. So E Stilger will get to say goodbye to her and hopefully P may decide to be baptized within this next transfer. I definitely think that's a possibility, as she's said that she wants a clean start. (She speaks English to us). 

The Chinese investigators are doing well, and I think one of them is coming to church this next Sunday.

My New Years was great! We did celebrate it with the S family, and we ended up shooting rockets everywhere. Everyone has their own fireworks show in Germany; it is so much cooler than America's. After this, we basically sang oldies karaoke.

Ah, sorry you have late church now. That time is the worst, in my opinion. I like the early church better. Ours is at 9 am here.  I love Elder Holland too; his talks are so powerful.

Dang - 20 degrees!?! It's colder in Texas than it is in Germany.... That's so weird... But the area I am in just doesn't get way cold, apparently. In Austria, I hear that there is snow everywhere right now. We are actually going to Stuttgart on Tuesday for Zone Training Meeting tomorrow.  It will be cool to see all the missionaries from the Zone once again and to see where everyone is getting transferred to. Today we are going to Esslingen to hang out with the other elders in our district, which will be fun!

Yes, I do study the scriptures a lot. Since I have been in the field I have already re-read the Book of Mormon. I do use Preach My Gospel a lot, especially when preparing for lessons and trying to find good scriptures that will fit in for the specific person.

Yeah, it is a holiday today, but not all the places are closed down. Just mainly there are really weird bus schedule. 

The mission is great and I am really loving it. The time is going pretty fast and I only have 15 transfers left which does not sound like too much. The first one went by way fast and I hear they only go faster. 

Love you so much, Mama, and thanks for the quotes! Hope you are doing great and having tons of fun with the family.

                 The following pics were borrowed from the Alpine Mission blog.
Stuttgart Zone (Elder Ridd is on row 2, 2nd from right)
Christmas White Elephant Exchange - Stuttgart Zone 
Playing bells (Elder Stilger in the center; half of Elder Ridd on the right).
Elder Ridd = Front left - half of him, anyway!  
Rock, Paper, Scissors (Elder Ridd in the middle)

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