Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Changes - 1/14/14

Elder Ridd in Tübingen
Elder Badders & Elder Ridd
Making Schnitzel
Elder Ridd & Elder Badders also made Maltauchen - a German dumpling
Hey Mama!
I am doing great this week! My new companion is way cool and we get along great. Transfers were on Thursday and Elder Stilger did have to go quite a long time by train. Elder Badders is way energetic and an athlete. He is way cool and loves Austria and our mission. He has been out for 7 months now total, and this is the start of his 5th transfer. He is one of the youngest trainers in the field now so this will be a lot of fun!

I've shown him around Tübingen and he's met all of our ward as well. Elder Badders had to speak in church this week, but I didn't. Our ward mission leader is a really funny guy from Indonesia, and he is pretty cool. We did have GMK, or ward mission conference, which was pretty good. Awesome about Lukas speaking in church! That's awesome that he talked with a manager about religion. That's cool that you guys are doing the same thing in church as our ward here in Deutschland. I heard that our Relief Society had that lesson on Sunday, too. I agree; General Conference talks are amazing. I study them every morning. 

That's awesome that the boys are doing well with grades! 

The investigators are doing great! We have an appointment with S on the 18th, so that is awesome. We have not heard from her in quite some time, so we are excited to meet with her family again. We also got an awesome referral from a member named M at church on Sunday. He came up to me and said that he knows a girl that is interested in learning about our church. I asked when we could meet with her and he said this week before Mutual, and I said that would be amazing. So we will have a new investigator after this week because of member missionary work. That's the best kind of missionary work. I am really excited to teach her this Thursday. 

Another awesome story is from P. She got back in town this last week from her trip to England, and we were over to the family H's home, visiting with her. She is building a testimony of the Word of Wisdom. Sadly, she did not make it to church this last Sunday, but we are planning on calling her this week and making an appointment. Also, Schwester H says she will invite P over and have us over too, so we can jointly teach her sometime this week. I am really excited because we have grown to love P so much. She needs to get baptized!

Bruder A is in Austria till the beginning of Febuary sadly, although we are planning on getting his email so we can send him video links and message him on our e-mail day of the week, with some things that we feel inspired to share. He is totally going to get baptized; I am so excited for it!

This P-day I got my hair cut and we basically shopped for groceries. We are just going to kick back for this P-day, as it is Elder Badders' first in the area. But next P-day we are gonna go check out the Lamborghini dealership with some other Elders in our District. 

I have some pics for you this week! Elder Badders and I will take tons every week, so expect to get a lot more from this week on! Love you so much, Mama - you are an amazing example to me. Hope all is awesome there! 
Mit Vielen Liebe,
Elder Ridd

Elder Stilger's mom sent both elders "onesies" - i.e. one-piece sleepers.
Elder Ridd is the proud owner of his 1st onesie (since age 2, anyway!)

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