Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aus-Tausch, Zone Training & Zone Conference - 2/10/14

Elder Ridd with his investigator/friend
Nagold, a town in the Black Forest
I am doing pretty good! I hope you are, as well. My week went pretty good, it was just busy. Dang, you have some crazy trust in Hayden to drive on the road! That sounds really scary. But it sounds like he is doing pretty good. I bet you had some back seat driving going on. 

Glad that Lukas is doing well after his finger incident. Pretty cool about the authentic Chinese food as well. I am getting a lot of that over here in Germany, too. That's cool that Lukas and Hayden are registering for a few of the same classes. German will be pretty einfach (simple) for them. I am totally going to start writing their emails next year only in German and we will see if they can translate them. 

The investigators are doing well! We had S's kids at church this last Sunday. And after church we actually went to their home to teach them again. Pretty cool! They are pretty hard to get a hold of usually, but they have been loving us to come by which has been nice. They are the family that lives in the Black Forest, in Nagold. They are doing really well and progressing quickly! We shared the Restoration DVD with them in German and it went good. She had a few questions which we answered, and then we bore testimony that she can find out whether our church and the Book of Mormon is true, like we have. I felt the Spirit a lot during the lesson and I am hoping that she did as well.

One of the things we stress a lot on gaining a testimony through the Book of Mormon is that once you come to find the Book of Mormon is true, you know that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God - and once you know that, you know that this really is the restored Church of Jesus Christ.  We always try to help people to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon first, because once they have that, everything else falls into place. We have a Chinese investigator who comes from a Buddhist background, and he didn't really believe in Christ or anything.  We have been working with him and he has been gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon as he reads the stories and applies them to his life. He says he really has noticed a change and it has helped him a lot.  We are working with his small testimony right now, but it is definitely the starting point of building a testimony.  "Moroni's promise" is one of the famous scriptures we share. It's Moroni 10:3-5, and that is always a powerful one on gaining a testimony. (To read Moroni's promise, click on the following link: Moroni 10:3-5). The Book of Mormon truly is amazing. There is no doubt it is Holy Scripture. We just need to get more people to realize it. I didn't know it mentions the Atonement so many more times than it does in the Bible. Interesting.

Anyways, this week was pretty busy, as Tuesday was our Zone Training (meaning that we were in Stuttgart). I actually got to bear my testimony in front of the whole zone at the end of the training, because I am a "Golden." (Newer missionary). They made all the Goldens do it. So it was Sister Gilmore, Elder W Smith and me. It went well!  The next day was actually Aus-Tausch, so I went to Esslingen to work with Elder Hancey and Elder Spencer. It was pretty fun! Then the next day I came back to Elder Badders, and we met with M, the 18-year old getting baptized this Sunday. After this, we had an appointment fall through. The next day we met with Dr. S, and had weekly planning. Saturday was our Zone Conference and we went back to Stuttgart. So it was a pretty busy week.

This next week we will have to teach the lesson in Elders Quorum in German. We are excited for that...Hah. That will be interesting, but hopefully pretty good. Our baptism is this next Sunday the 16th. Meaning that it will be the last day that I am still being trained. Pretty cool!  We did get some potentials this week - we received one from church headquarters! We have some pretty cool appointments planned that we are excited about. On Friday we find out whether we stay together or are leaving (transfers are next week). I probably will stay here another transfer, although a lot of people are thinking I will leave.  But the companionship is going good! I don't want to leave E. Badders, but I kinda do want to go and see what Austria is like.  I definitely would be happy with staying for sure though. 

Love you tons  - thanks for all you do. 
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd
Lots of trees are way mossy in the Black Forest
The Black Forest, in Nagold

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Lisa Henry said...

FABULOUS photos and weekly report! And a baptism this week, it doesn't get any better than that!