Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finding Day in Riederich - February 3, 2014

       Hey! Hope you had an awesome week!
Church this week went really good! We had so many members go up and bear their testimonies about missionary work, which is so cool. I love our members here so much. We have a young man, M, from a part-member family who has set a date to be baptized. His dad didn't let him get baptized 'til he was 18, so he could have more time to decide if it was something he wanted to do.  He wants to, and his baptismal date is February 16. We will be bringing him on a lot of Mitbelehrungs, or member lessons, and we will teach with him to prepare him for the mission he wants to go on pretty soon. We are going to have a baptism, so that is pretty cool!

We did not really have any investigators at church - besides M, the guy who is going to get baptized. Bruder A is still out of town, and P has been hard to contact lately, sadly. But we are hopefully meeting with P this coming week. 

We do get to use the Family Search site on our missions and it is pretty cool! We need to get your side filled in, Mama! On mine, yours isn't filled in at all for some reason. 

That is so funny that Lukas and Hayden had another snow day (in Houston, with no snow!).... I think that the teachers get lazy and just are like, "Let's have another day off; it is gonna be cold tomorrow!" Haha. I mean - seriously, what is a little ice gonna do to keep them from school? Oh well, I always enjoyed having an extra day off - haha. 

That is so weird about Hayden getting his driving permit....There's no way that he can drive already. That seems so unreal....Dang, my brothers are growing up! What is going on? Good idea about the "We will stick to parking lots for now." 

We have not taught the R family again, but we will teach them on Sunday. The video was so good for having their kids' attention. Only the husband is a member; he is less active and has not come in a long time. They have 3 kids!  We have not been to see the S family again since Christmas. They are on the ward eating schedule, however, and every week a family in the ward takes the missionaries home to share their dinner with us. It is pretty sweet, because we get to know the ward members so much better. 
No big plans for this Pday besides work, work, work. We have 3 appointments today. The first two went well, and we have a third with a family (Church members), so that will be fun. They are way cool and are from Spain. They are moving to Frankfurt soon though, which is sad! 

Parker wrote me a little bit about his interview (summer internship) and that sounds like a sweet gig if he can land it. The company makes F16s - that is pretty cool. Congrats to him for a good interview. 

Thanks for sending another package! Man, you spoil me over here - thanks!! I will remember to let you know which day it arrives! 

We get money on the first of every month. Then we usually withdraw the whole thing and use it for the month. Usually it is pretty good to buy what we need. Sometimes I run out before the end of the month, but its not that bad. I am eating fine, no worries haha. Yeah, the Euro is like 1.4 US dollars so it's not that hard to calculate. 

The German is going well. I am speaking a lot more and understanding almost all. It is weird that I have only been here the amount of time I have and am starting to understand so well and speak pretty good. But it is definitely nice!

This week was pretty fun. The main thing that really stands out to me was the "finding day" that we had on Saturday. What a finding day is is basically your district comes together in one of the Areas, and goes around in organized groups and "finds," or does missionary work. We were having it in Tübingen this time, so I got to organize a ton of it. We have a lot of names on our member list who nobody knows, so we decided that cleaning up that list would be a good idea. We split the names into groups of 4 based on location, and then we split up into 4 groups. Elder Badders and I made cookies that morning that we could bring to all of these less active members, so hopefully we could talk to them and see how they were doing. I actually went with Elder Hancey in a town called Riederich, and it was a lot of fun. We actually ran into an active member and his friends, which was way awesome because we got to talk to his friend about why we were on missions. Turns out that he wants to learn more and he said it is his biggest dream to get baptized into our church. The member (friend) that was with him bore testimony on Sunday about missionary work, and shared that experience- it was so cool.

That's neat about the Lone Peak High School basketball team in Utah (2013 National Champions - 4 of their teammates are currently on missions, and 2 more are planning to go on missions this summer). Are they still an awesome basketball team now that they have a new lineup? I definitely agree that the mission field is the best and fastest place to grow as a 19 to 20-year old. Definitely learning more than I would if I were at home still, and I know I will learn so many more valuable things that will help me later in life. 

Anyways, this week has been awesome and I love you so much. Hope you have a good week! Thanks for all you do. You da best!
Elder Ridd

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