M (2nd from right) was baptized! It was sooo cool
Really interesting house we found
Tübingen District (Elder Ridd - top row, 2nd from right; Elder Badders - top right)
Hey Mama! 
This week has been pretty good! I don't have a ton of photos though, sorry! That is not fun having to give talks! I know how Dad feels - haha. I didn't have to give one this week, but we did teach the priesthood lesson in German. and I also blessed the Sacrament in German. Then we had the baptism of our 18-year old friend, M, so it was a really busy Sunday for us. 

Gotta love sushi and chocolate-chocolate chip Bundt cake! Wow. (Dad's birthday).  I am actually fasting right now and reading that made me really hungry! 

Not too much has been going on with me! Just the usual missionary work! And the baptism went great! M is now a member. Pretty cool! Tons of people came out for his baptism. There were more people at the baptism than at the Sacrament meeting, haha. He is a pretty cool dude, so a lot of people came to support him. The font is in our ward building, so we just had it right after all the meetings. Oh, and I am not longer in training. Yay! Basically all that means is that I get 1 less hour of study.

Transfer calls were on Saturday! We were not too sure if one of us was leaving, but then we got the call and they said we were staying - which is pretty cool! No one in Tübingen district is leaving, but a lot of people in our Stuttgart Zone are being transferred. 

We have some appointments this week. We are actually planning on calling a lot of people to set up more, as we don't have as many as we would like to have this week. But I am sure we will get more. The doctor is doing great! We are actually fasting with him today! It will be pretty cool. He is submitting his final paper for his doctorate today, so we are fasting for that, plus that he will know the Book of Mormon is true, and for our families' safety and that they will be blessed! So that is pretty cool! He is really excited for it. 

Our Church headquarters prospect turned out pretty good! We showed up and she was so nice.  She wanted us to come in, but we couldn't because there was no man home, but we are planning on going by later this week with members and teaching her.  She has a husband and 3 kids, and they seem like a really nice family. 

Alright - Primary!  That will be really cool, Mom! And you only teach the girls? I didn't know it was separate. Lauren is really cool so that will be fun to teach with her as well! Tell her I said hi!

Cool about the newer family speaking in your Sacrament! And woah, that story is really great about her friend giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon in the university dorms! We have been doing something similar to that missionary challenge! We set up family mission plans for all of our members when we go over to their homes and share little things they can do to help the Gospel grow and to bring others closer to Christ!

Ah what?! We got a Golden sister in our ward?! That is so cool. It is going to be way cool seeing missionaries in our ward when I come back, as I will see them from a totally different perspective - as I actually know how they feel all the time, haha. 

Oh, that is cool! Thanks to Grandma Roz & Grandpa Ray for the $10. I might take out some money today. That is also really cool that Grandpa got Lasik along with his cataract surgery. Hopefully they can correct both eyes, haha. 

And I did get the package that Grandma Lucia sent me in January! It was great! I totally forgot to thank her - woops! I think I have her email. 

Thanks for the awesome letter, Mama! Our week was pretty good; the thing that was the coolest was our lesson with P.  So we went over to P's home, because we hadn't seen her in a long time or heard from her either. She told us she was meaning to call us, and asked if we could come over the following day. So we went by the next day (on Thursday) for cake and tea (herbal tea, of course). And her husband and her son were there. So we taught all of them and it was way cool. Her son wants to hear more - which is awesome! - and her husband actually listened, which is really good because he is one of her concerns. They still can't  wrap their heads around the fact on how Apostles and the Prophet were called...I think that is their biggest concern. They need a testimony of prayer so they can kind of grasp it. But it went well and she wants to come to church this next Sunday!

Anyways our week was pretty good! And I am looking forward to having another great transfer in Tübingen! I love you tons, Mama, you the best!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd