Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Great Stake Conference - 2/24/14


Pretty cool tower/building in Reutlingen!
Mama & Pops!
I am doing great! This week has been pretty good.  Time just flies doesn't it? Weird to think that I am in my third transfer now in Tübingen. I am feeling great! And yeah, I get my 8 hours of sleep every night, so that is good. However, sometimes 6:30am feels like it comes awfully fast, haha. I am having fun!

I love Mondays too! Church was really good. We actually had Stake Conference on Saturday and on Sunday. On Saturday we went to Stuttgart to hear the speakers there. There were a lot of young couples who shared their conversion stories and it was a really cool and neat meeting. At the end, the Stake Presidency all bore their testimonies, which was really cool as well. Then on Sunday, we actually went to our church building in Tübingen because they were having an Übertragung (Broadcast) there as well as in Stuttgart, so we didn't need to travel. It was really cool on Sunday, because we got to hear Elder Bednar give his whole talk in German without a translator. But yeah, that was basically our Church experience this week. Plus, it was so awesome that Bruder A was at church on Sunday and we got to set up an appointment with him. We are thinking that he may be ready for baptism and will try to set a date with him in our next appointment on Wednesday! 

That is some really cool information about Hermann Damminger (Elder Ridd's great-great grandpa was christened in Bayern, Germany). Bayern is a big area; Münich is actually included in the Bayern area, so it is in my mission! But woah, that is pretty cool that Parker found out who Hermann's parents are and where he was christened!

P is doing well, however we haven't really had too much contact with her this last week. She is really bad with her phone! Or at least when we call - haha. And M (our new Young Adult) is doing great! We are going with him to Ritter Sport (a chocolate factory, store and museum) on Friday. We are also bringing one of the young men in our ward along. We are really excited for Friday!  We didn't have the opportunity of going by again on that headquarter referral, but we are going to go by this week hopefully! 

Dr. S is doing great. We had another lesson with him last Friday and he is understanding a lot more of what we are teaching him. He also felt that the fast that we did helped him a lot. He is so cool and we love meeting with him.

We had a dinner appointment with the T family on Sunday. It was really good; they are American and he works on the Army base. It is always nice to speak English with a family at the dinner table - haha. The mom is also way into eating healthy, and we talked for a long time about health. It was pretty funny. We also celebrated one of their kids' birthdays. He was turning 14, so we sang to him and she made a really healthy cake. (As healthy as cakes get - apparently she didn't use any flour). I forgot to get pics...Woops!

This week we have a few appointments already made, as well as we are planning on helping a family move! That will be fun! That is really cool about our ward winning the Stake Basketball trophy. Alright! Do we still have the dodgeball trophy as well? 

Hope that you have an awesome week. I love you lots!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

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