Good morning! 
I am having a very happy Pday! Elder Badders ist wieder gesund! (He is healthy again).  And I am also doing well. 

Today we aren't planning on doing too much! The weather isn't too good, sadly! (We were going to play basketball but it's hailing!).  But I will get another Pday in, even if I am transferred. If I am, I will be sure to do something awesome. I might be transferred! I think it would be cool to go, but I wouldn't mind it at all if I stay. 

Church was good. The coolest thing happened. I was sitting with family S and entertaining the kids before the meeting, and right as Sacrament meeting started, one of our investigators, P, walks in and sits next to Elder Badders. We were totally not expecting it, but we were praying that we would have better contact with him and that he might have interest this last week. So that was wayyy cool! He wants to meet really bad but is really busy. We didn't even commit him to come to church this week - he just showed up. We are so excited to meet again. We will meet with him not this week, but the next one!

We met with Dr. S again and talked a lot about charity and scriptures. He really loves to read his scriptures now and is starting to understand that it is important to know whether or not they are true, and that he can pray to find out. So that is awesome!

We will be meeting with H this Tuesday after we have District meeting. She is the HQ referral, so we are way excited about! She seems to be really interested.  

Germany is great. We have some pretty cool appointments and a great week lined up. We will be having an Aus Tausch on Wednesday. Elder Spencer will be coming to Tübingen, and Elder Badders will be going to Esslingen. We are planning on home teaching with Brüder S during our Tausch, so that will be cool.

We are also wayyy excited about the Finding Day on Saturday. We have invited single adults and members from 5 different stakes, and we will have over 60 missionaries running around talking to people, handing out balloons, holding signs, and teaching people about the gospel. It will be tons of fun. It is after transfer calls that morning, so it will be cool to see where everyone is going and discuss a little!

I am doing great and the work is awesome. Really excited for this next week and can't wait to see whether I will stay or leave. Love you, Mama and thanks for all you do! You are the best! I hope you have an amazing week.
Du bist die beste Mütter der welt!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd