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Finding Day & Blessings - 3/19/14

Some of the crew at L's birthday dinner

L (having a birthday) and her husband.  We gave her cards!
Kircheim, where we had our Finding Day
Hey there!

This week has been pretty good! It has been going pretty fast! Sorry that I was not able to write yesterday! Elder Badders ist krank geworden (he got sick) so we were not able to write. We basically stayed home the whole day and I got in a good 14 hours of personal study. Which was really good! I finished the Book of Mormon again, and now I am starting to read it only in German. Plus I'm reading the Old Testament in English. Yay, you did get the package! And thanks so much for the package that you sent me! That was awesome as well. I got it on Thursday! I am glad that you like the socks! Haha - I'm glad that you ate some of the chocolate as well ;)

This week was good! And we're just sending emails for Pday and shopping for food. Elder Badders still needs his rest so we aren't doing too much.  The weather was pretty good this past week!  Except it rained on the weekend - I think it was Saturday. I am still feeling great, which is good!

Haha, that is pretty funny about your class. You're right, it is always good to have some activity for them to do that will have their attention and keep them busy. We actually were asked to go into our Primary on Sunday (without notice) and hold pictures of different people who were witnesses of Christ, and then explain about who they (or we) were. I got Thomas, an apostle of Jesus's, who saw Christ after the Resurrection. So I explained myself as Thomas. Our Primary kids are so funny! 

Our investigators are good! But we didn't really meet with any of them besides Dr. S this last week. We did a lot of helping the sisters mostly. Sister Smith went to the doctor, and I gave her a Priesthood blessing last week. Then the next day, the sisters called us to ask if we would give a blessing to one of their investigators. So we were there for their lesson with him, and also gave him a blessing for the sick. After that, they asked if we could joint teach for another investigator that night, so we went over there, found out that he was sick as well, and gave him a blessing. So we ended up getting to exercise the Priesthood a lot this week, which has really been awesome. 

Dr. S is doing well! We met with him and really had a spiritual lesson on prayer and the Holy Ghost. We read in 3 Nephi 13, where Jesus teaches the Nephites the Lord's Prayer, and commited him to reading it and also Moroni 7 before we meet next time. He is excited to read and pray about the passages and then discuss next lesson. 

We did get in contact with the HQ referral! She is awesome and we will be meeting with her next week at the church. We are excited about her becoming a new investigator. 

We also have this awesome kid in our church who is around 17, who is obsessed with missionary work. He is the one who gave us E to teach. Apparently he has 5 people in his town interested in learning the gospel from us now. So we are going to go over there in a few weeks, teach E, then the 5 other people. This kid is awesome! 

We also had an Austellung in Kirchheim this last week for our "Finding Day" in Esslingen. An Austellung is like a booth where we talk about the gospel and have pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon in various languages to hand out, and  the members help us too. So that was fun. I gave out 2 Books of Mormon there! 

After the Finding Day we went over to Sister R's home. She is a member of our ward who was having a birthday. She wanted us to come over, as she was inviting friends  (who were not members) over for her birthday dinner. It was really fun and we chatted a lot with people! They live near Nagold, in a town called Altensteig. I will send some pictures.  So we did have a pretty busy week!

Yeah you know your schedule, Mama! Transfers are coming up, aren't they? And oh, something cool that we are going to do after the Transfer calls on the 29th, is  we are having a Dual Zone Finding Day in Stuttgart...meaning the missionaries and youth and members from all of the two stakes are going to be in Stuttgart, doing kind of what we did in Kirchheim. Except with more than 60 missionaries! They tried it in Switzerland and gave out over 100 Books of Mormon. We are way excited for it!

All is well here! We are doing great. And thanks for the package and all that you do for me. You guys are the best! Love you so very much! Hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Ridd
Tübingen Sister Missionaries
Altensteig, where one of our members lives

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