Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ritter Sport Chocolate Store & Museum - 3/3/14

Elder Badders and Elder Ridd at the Ritter Sport (Chocolate) Store in Waldenbuch, Germany
Cocoa Tree! 
Ritter Sport Store
Helping move the Family D. out of the area. Sad day - there are awesome!
Hey Mama!
Today it's going pretty good! However, I'm fighting yet another sickness (cold/sinus infection). Not fun! And I know right? Almost 5 months already? Whatttt? Yeah, that is already almost a fourth of the mission. Pretty weird! And Stake conference was definitely way good! 

Church was pretty good! Fast and Testimony meeting was great. Bruder A was there and the only thing that he needs before baptism is to feel the Spirit when he prays. The cool thing was, everyone that went up to speak was talking about how they felt the Spirit and got an answer to their prayers from the Holy Ghost. It was awessssommee! 

Ritter Sport was great! We went with M, our new convert, and we went through the museum. It was definitely way cool. The chocolate there was way cheap too, so expect a package with a ton of chocolate in it coming sometime in the future. I sent it off this morning; also your birthday gift is in there. Dad's too. Haha. Woops - a little late. They do make all sorts of chocolate as you will see! We took the bus to M's house and then we took the bus from there to Ritter Sport - which didn't end up being too far away. And the young man in the ward was unable to go as he and his family went to Paris this weekend and he needed to pack. It is so funny how easy it is to go to a place like Paris when you are in Europe. They are just a "short" drive away - everything is so close here. 

We are planning on going to the most famous castle in our mission this week - Schloss Lichtenstein, which is in our area. We are going with an investigator and with some more missionaries from our zone. I will take plenty of pictures to show you guys!

We did get to talk to P on the phone and she wants to meet with us this week. So that will be fun! haha. She wants to take us to her land that she owns pretty closeby which would be cool as well! 
Look, Mom - I ate chocolate!
Town of Waldenbuch - home to Ritter Sport (chocolate factory, store & museum)
Dr. S is doing great! He is just waiting for his professor to read his final paper and then he gets to submit it to the college, wait a few months, and finally go home to his family in China as a practicing Neurosurgeon. We taught him the plan of salvation this week and he didn't really understand all the points like we thought he already did, so we went over that for awhile! He is still so fun to meet with and he is so cool. Love this guy. We also will be meeting with him on Friday and he is also going to the castle with us on Saturday. So you will get a lot of pics with him in them this next upcoming week!

Bruder A is doing great as well. We thought he would be ready for baptism this lesson but he wasn't quite there. The only thing he needs is to feel the Spirit while praying. He knows the Gospel so well already, and he knows deep down it is true; he just needs that personal confirmation through the Holy Ghost. So we are gonna keep trying! He is so close. Bruder and Schwester A made us some awesome spätzle (traditional German noodle/dumplings) this week - it was so good! 

We also have been teaching E, the girl that our member brings to mutual with him. She is doing well.  We had a lesson with her on Thursday and it was pretty good. I think we are also meeting with her again this coming Tuesday. 

I am doing great and loving Germany. I have an Aus-Tausch this week (an exchange with the elders in Esslingen). Actually that is tomorrow - so I will be in Esslingen with the District Leader, Elder Evans. Fun stuff! I sent you guys a package full of chocolate, so have fun with that. I have no idea when it will get there, but hopefully it won't melt! 

Have fun in Cancun! I'm a little jealous, but then I remember I am in Germany - haha. Have a blast!  Love you guys so much, you da best. So blessed to have a family like you guys! 

Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

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