Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Calf & General Conference! 4/7/14

Bye-Bye, Sister Smith! We wore Austrian clothes (that E Badders bought when he was down there) to say goodbye, as they wear these clothes where she is going - Graz, Austria
Dr. S and Elder Ridd. There were a lot of people practicing paragliding off of the hill. It was pretty cool!
View from the hill we climbed to give our lesson.  

Hey Mama! This week was really good! And I really enjoyed General Conference! It is a lot different when you are on a mission! But it was really good and I took tons of notes. We still get to watch all of the sessions, but we watch most on Sunday, so yeah it was a really long day.  But it went really fast because conference was really good! I did listen to Uncle Randy's talk and he did wayyyy good! The talk was amazing and everyone here was like "Woah, he did an excellent job!!"

I liked a ton of the talks! I always love Elder Holland's talks, as he is such a powerful speaker and puts emphasis exactly where he needs to. But it is hard to choose a favorite. I really always love Elder Bednar's talks as well! And of course, President Uchtdorf! Randy's was the best! Haha.  (Note from Mom - click here to watch, listen or read any of the talks from this past weekend's General Conference). 

I don't know what we will be doing today for Pday! But we did do a lot of fun things this week to make up for it.  We will go to a castle or something next week for sure. The castles are closed for tours until Saturdays.... and it is hard to get approved for Pday on Saturdays sometimes, sooooooo we are waiting. But the investigators are okay! Only really taught Doctor S this week of our investigators! We taught him twice, and once hiked up a hill in Tübingen, where we studied and talked about scriptures on the top of the hill. It was wayyy cool! He is so cool! He might be going back to China to visit this week, so we will miss him if he does!
Our old district
Workouts are going okay, not as good as they once were, but I am trying still! I really wish that I could buy a pull up bar here, but the door frames are too weak. I am hoping that my next apartment can handle one! I am eating way good still.

Some other cool things that we did this week include: Teaching less-actives, in part- member families. We taught 2 less-actives lessons this last week and it was really cool! Of course we did that service in the garden (at the farm) for the older lady, and we watched a cow give birth. Weirdest thing! Then we had Zone Training, where we all met in Stuttgart and talked about business in the mission, as well as teaching. Then we also had General Conference. It was a pretty good week! This next week we have District Meeting, and we will find out when we will Aus Tausch this transfer. And have Finding Days. But that's basically all!

Dang, tell Lukas good luck on the ACT. That's always fun! Nottt!

Thanks so much for everything. I hope you have an excellent week and I love hearing from you. You are the best and thanks for the quotes!

Elder Ridd
This week, we did service on a farm which was about 2 hours away.  We got to watch this cow give birth - weird!! 

View from the farm

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