Hohenzollern Castle

Dr. S, at the castle

Hi Mom & Pops!
Thanks for the Easter wishes! I did have a great Easter, and I hope that you did, too!  We ate Easter dinner with Sister D. She is older, but way cool and we had a really good time with her. We had turkey, knödel (German dumplings), and potatoes. Oh as well as Rotkraut (Red cabbage). It was way good. Ummm- they do celebrate with a lot of chocolate as well. We got tons! And for the Easter activity we had an Easter Egg hunt, but it was run by the American families in our ward, so who knows if the Germans do it, too - haha.

Sounds like your lesson went well. We also taught Primary this week, haha. Oh and Elders Quorum! So we were pretty busy on Sunday. But it went really good. Of course we brought a little chocolate incentive for both classes, as it was Easter. We taught the Primary about the Resurrection, and we taught the Elders Quorum about Chapter 8 in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual, "Die Kirche ist das Reich Gottes auf der Erde." It went well!

We did get to visit Hohenzollern Castle on Wednesday! It was wayyyyy cool! (Click here for more info on the castle!). We met Dr. S at Hauptbahnhof, and he brought so much food! So we ate a lot at the caslte as well. We took a train to the Dwarf, and from there we took a bus to the castle parking lot. We then bought tickets there, and walked up a path to the castle. It was an awesome experience. The castle is way big and really beautiful! We also got a tour of the inside, but you are not allowed to take pictures, so all the pictures I have are of the castle from the outside and the view.

The investigators are doing well! We met with Dr. S twice, and he actually fed us on Friday too, besides bringing all that food and going to the castle with us on Wednesday. We ate more traditional Chinese food that was wayyyyy good. He cooks like a champ!

We did get to meet with E again, the teenage girl. We went down to Albstadt with M, the member from our ward, and taught her at his house. It went well, but we hadn't met with her for awhile so she had forgotten a lot. We taught the Restoration, and then committed her to pray and read in the Book of Mormon, and to ask God if it was true. It went really well.  M is going to be such a good missionary when he serves. After teaching E, we went by to see a lot of families in the area who have interest, according to M.  None were there, but we doored (knocked on doors) as well. We gave out 2 Books of Mormon, and also got let in to a house! That NEVER happens! But here's the sad part. They didn't have interest; they just let us in because we are American and they like Americans. Their daughter is in Salt Lake City, so we actually got to talk about the temple and stuff a little bit. But it was way cool that they were so nice. We couldn't stay too long because we were waiting for a train to go to the next town over - but it was way good!

The tausch was way good! I went to Esslingen on Thursday with Elder Spencer, and we mostly contacted a lot. They didn't have any lessons planned, but it was still a lot of fun. But the next day we had District Meeting, and interviews with President in Tübingen, so we took the train back over to Tü and then had DM and Interviews. It went really well! I love President and Sister Miles tons, they are so awesome!

But let's see - some other things that happened this week were...My six month mark! Which was pretty cool. It is a tradition to burn a tie on your 6 month mark, so I burned one. Don't kill me! No worries - it is one I didn't wear as much. Haha. Also, the sisters brought me a present - which was soooo nice! They were on Aus Tausch, so it was Sister Harmon and Sister Wunderli who were in Tübingen, and they brought me an "I Love Tübingen" shirt - haha.  They dropped it by the door and then ran. We totally caught them though, which was funny! Oh, and Bruder A is back in town! He was at church Sunday which was awesome! So we will try and get another lesson with them coming up..

Anyways it was a great week! I love you. Thanks for all you do for me. 
Elder Ridd

View from Castle