This was empty at the start of their service project! Way to go, elders! 
Hey Mama!
I am having a pretty good Pday, although we are going to take most of our Pday on Wednesday and go to a castle with Dr. S! So we are mostly just emailing today! I am pretty excited for Wednesday, and I'm hoping that all goes well and that we actually do go! We did go food shopping already, which is a change from the norm, haha. And our fridge has been plenty big for just us two elders!

Cool about the farewell for that missionary! Really cool that he came back to the church after not being on the ball. Stories like that always remind me of Alma the Younger. Really cool about the missionaries asking him to give his testimony and him feeling the Spirit as well. Pretty cool change of heart! Alma the Younger helped a lot of people because he had some hard experiences in his past, and I bet this guy will have great success as well!

I have not gotten the package yet. I am thinking (and hoping - haha!) that it will come later today. Getting a package is like Christmas for us missionaries. I am sure E Badders will be super stoked that he has a basket in there. His mom sent us some candy! 

Investigators are almost all out of town, sadly. Actually Bruder A just got back in town, as we had an eating appointment with the Family C yesterday (we ate boar that the dad hunted, which was way good! Schwester C. works at Rittersport, so we got a lot of chocolate!) - and Schwester A came in and talked to us after being in Austria for so long! Cool! Dr. S is still here, which is awesome. We did get to meet with him and he is doing well! He will probably be going to China next week. We are planning on going to that castle this week with him, which will be a lot of fun!

Our Aus Tausch this week will be on Thursday, and I will be going to Esslingen to work wíth E Spencer. After the Tausch, we will have district Meeting in Tübingen and interviews with President Miles. He will be in Tübingen and Sister Miles will be in our District Meeting, which will be pretty cool!

Yeah, I know - I am hitting 6 months this week! Weird! Everyone is almost certain that I will be transferred after this one. People keep thinking I will go to Austria! That would be way cool! I am crossing my fingers for the Innsbrook area, which is one of the coolest areas in the mission - in the Alps. If I went there, I would also be able to Aus Taush with the elders in Brixen, the only Italy area in the mission. So - maybe! There are two openings there this transfer, so there is a decent chance!

Some highlights for the week were the moves! The coolest part was definitely the concrete one. So what happened was I got this call from a member in Frankfurt, asking if we could help with service this week. We said sure. He then said that this would be a move and stuff, so we were like, "Sweet!" His son, a less active member, bought this house and he would be moving there (this is what the dad said). We actually were hoping to get more service opportunities, and we got 4 this week - which is amazing! Sooo, we show up on Saturday after the ward Easter activity, and he has a yard full of concrete from ripping out walls in this house. So Elder Badders and I moved the concrete into a huge steel container for 3 hours. It was pretty cool! But the cool part was that the son (who is less active) has a wife who is not a member. The wife's mom was there and we got to share a Gospel message with her, as she asked who we were. Apparently, after we left, she went on talking about us for 3 hours and how she hasn't seen young men our age do anything like that. We figured this out because the member dad from Frankfurt came to our ward on Sunday (over 2 hours away) and bore his testimony about the service we did.  So that was pretty cool!

Another cool thing that happened this week was that we set a goal to get a ton of potentials (people who are potentially interested in the Gospel) this one day, and we were praying that we could reach this goal. When we came back home, we sadly had none . We had area bookwork on the schedule however, and we didn't think we would be able to get too many potentials. I started going through the area book and finding old numbers and calling them. Through doing this, I got 6 that night. We set up 3 appointments for this week through doing that, so that was a really cool experience to reach our goal,  even though we were so far away at the end of the day. It has been a pretty cool week!

Anyways, thanks so much for everything! You are the best and such a great example to me! I love you so very much and hope you have a wonderful week and a great Easter!
Elder Ridd
Easter Activity
Cool Ferrari and Lambo at a sweet car place we went by