Hey Mama! 
It was awesome to talk to you on Skype!  You look great and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!  It was so weird how fast it goes, and yeah, sorry I can't talk longer!  But Christmas will come before you will know it - so no worries there!

We are in the Schwenningen Branch. Schaffhausen is a completely separate branch in my district.  Our branch is awesome. We had like 100 people there on Sunday, which I'm told isn't normal. Usually there are around 60-ish people there, but there were a lot of people there due to Mother's Day as well as the funeral visitors.  I did get to bear my testimony, and we have 4 Elders - Schwenningen 1 (Elder Plumb and me), and Schwenningen 2, Elder Abd El Moeti and Elder Cavin. They live with me in the 4 man apartment.

Parker said he talked to you guys! Sounds like he is doing really well and enjoying his time over here in Europe (Parker is on a study abroad in Barcelona, Italy, Romania and Greece). He had some aweseome pictures as well. That is funny about the sketchy flight... Nice.

Dang, that sounds like an amazing dinner that Dad made! And no - we didn't have anyone invite us over for dinner, but I hear we do get a decent amount of dinner appointments. The branch is way cool, and it is like as big as the ward in Tübingen, so that is pretty awesome. 

We are not doing too much for Pday today besides preparing for the week and stuff. But next week we will be doing some awesome stuff for sure! Oh, I also get to have interviews with President again as my district didn't get them yet, so that will be fun. President will be in my District meeting this coming Wednesday.

I didn't take any pics of the apartment. I will try this week. It is near everything, so that is great. Not too far from the bus bahnhof, so we don't have to walk too far!  The apartment building isn't too big though. I am on floor 2 and we do not have a dryer but we have a washer. (To answer Mom's  questions...) We do apartment inventory to figure out food for the next week, and to figure out Pdays; as well as make sure nobody is having problems with anyone else in the apartment. I live with Elder Plumb, Elder Abd El Moeti, and Elder Cavin. Elder Plumb is from Nebraska, Elder Abd El Moeti is from Holland, and Elder Cavin is from Scotland. Elder Cavin is new in the apartment as well.

Elder Abd El Moeti & Elder Cavin - they also live in the 4-man apartment with
Elders Ridd & Plumb (in front of the cafe in Glatt)

We are tausching with the other Elders in Schwennignen this week, so that will be cool! But the next week is where we get to start doing some fun different tausches, and we will be going to different areas for them and stuff. So that will be cool! Schwenningen isn't the most beautiful, but the area around it is way beautiful.  Glatt, the town I will send you pictures of, is wayyyy pretty.

We sent the other Elders to shop this morning, and they shop in a store called Netto. It saves time just sending two people to shop.It is a way small store haha, not like Walmart at all.

But yeah I will have Pres. Miles in the DM this Wednesday. He won't really be in it, but interviewing people while we are having it, and Sister Miles will be in it. It will be really good - I have some questions to ask him and stuff so it will be fun to get a 2nd interview with him.

I already explained basically what we did this week, but I will give ya another summary. We got to the area, and unpacked and stuff, and then it was Friday, haha. Then on Friday, we weekly planned, and also had a lesson with an investigator named A. He is interesting, and has some really weird questions.  They have not been teaching him for very long, and we also have a lesson with him tonight. Hoping that it will go pretty well. We also found an amazing lady while dooring before our lesson with A. She said that God sent us to the right place and such, and her name is R. She is from Siberia, so we will bring her a Book of Mormon before our lesson with A tonight. We will also talk to R about meeting, and if she has friends that are interested (which we call 'Goldmining'). It will be good.

Then on Saturday, we had the District Leader meeting with the Zone Leaders in Singen. That was tons of fun and I learned a lot. After that we headed back to Schwenningen and were picked up by the other Elders. Then we headed over to the funeral in Glatt. (Mom, GOOGLE GLATT. It is like the most beautiful place ever). After the funeral we headed over to a cafe for cake and such. The cafe was right next to a small castle, in a valley between two hills covered in Black Forest.... Talk about most beautiful town ever.

On Sunday we went to church and Skyped home, and now it is Monday! Pretty sweet week. I will send some pictures later, but thanks so much for all the quotes and pics. It was awesome Skyping with you guys!
Elder Ridd
Pic from our Mother's Day Skype session with Elder Ridd.  It was so fun. Elder Ridd is healthy and happy and very obedient to the mission rules, which include 40 minutes on Skype.  We love him tons and we're so proud of him!