All of the missionaries who have ever served in Tübingen (who are currently serving in the Alpine mission)
Haha, nice German, Mama! (Mom used Google Translate...)

I have been transferred to Schwenningen 1, as a District Leader, serving with Elder Plumb from Nebraska! It will be pretty cool! It is south of Tübingen, and is still in the Black Forest...even moreso than Tübingen. So I am way excited. I will also have a 4-man apartment, which will be tons of fun....and I think the other companionship is European. Oh and Elder Badders will also be DL in Tübingen. So - cool stuff!  The branch I'll be serving in is Schaffenhausen. The area is bigger than Tübingen; from the sound of things I will have less people in my area, and more little towns, or dwarfs. My zone is the Freiburg zone, which is part of the Zurich Switzerland stake. So I will be going back and forth to Switzerland a lot.  

Investigators are doing good! Well, we didn't get to meet with too many, because of traveling a lot this week to Munich, but we got to meet with a newer member who hasn't been coming too much. We also taught his wife the Restoration with him, so that was way good. We met with another investigator named K; sadly he doesn't really understand German and he doesn't really have too much interest. But cool thing about Doctor S is that he called us this week from China. He basically said that he misses us tons, and asked where I would be going. I told him I will just be going a little more south, and he said when he comes back he will come visit me in the new area - haha. He also said that I should talk to his wife, so I talked to her on the phone.  She thanked us for looking out for Dr. S, and said that she is so grateful that we meet with him and have helped him so much. It was soooooo sweeet! And she also said that when or if we come to China, that we can stay at their place and they will take care of us. Soooo cool! 

Bruder A is still in Austria. Dangit! 

We visited the older guy in Reutlingen again, and he loved it. (The one who is in a wheelchair). We read from the Book of Mormon and he listened. It was really good and he wants us to come back every day. Sadly we don't have time to visit every day, but we will still keep visiting him! 

Saying good-bye to friends & members of the ward

We did get some really good interest from a lot of people this week. We actually had 4 people say that they want to meet with us, so Elder Badders and his new comp will be pretty busy.  I was in Esslingen on Wednesday night. It was really fun and Mission Tour was also a blast! Elder Dyches shook all the missionaries' hands before Mission Tour. His message was wayyy good, and after I got a picture with him. Pretty cool!

The Finding Day was also good. We spoke to a ton of people and we had a sign. The sign that I carried around stated - "Gibt es ein Leben nach dem Tod?" Which means, "Is there a life after death?" I talked to tons of people about it and it went well. It wasn't a very long Finding Day, but still fun! We also had mission correlation. We basically talked about our area, what we can do and who we should focus on. We usually have it once a week with our Ward Mission Leader. 

Yeah, I have nooooo idea about Skype details yet. It will be great to talk with you on Mother's Day though.

I have been crossing my fingers that Schwenningen will have a pull-up bar. Or strong door frames, so that I can buy a pull up bar, haha. Hopefully!

Thanks so much for your email! You the best. I love ya!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

Elder Ridd with his mission "Dad" - Elder Stilger