Monday, May 19, 2014

New Area, New Opportunities & New Pull-Up bar! 5/19/14

The apartment - crammed onto our couch.
Elder Abd El Moeti, Elder Cavin, Elder Plumb & Elder Ridd
Cool town we did service in the other day!
Sister Miles and me in Schaffhausen for the District Meeting

Mama!  Pops!

I am doing awesome! It was a pretty busy week, but it all went well. The District Meeting was way good!  It literally went the best it could go. I have 2 former Zone Leaders in my district, so I gave them both assignments and I took an assignment too. But it was way good and I am excited to have more. The interview was great. President Miles is soooo inspired and such an awesome president. I love my district and my apartment. My apartment is the coolest; we are so close already that it is unreal. I really hope Elder Plumb stays another transfer.  We all get along so well already; we all feel as if we've been together for 3 months, so that is such a blessing.  And I bought and installed a pull-up bar...turns out I can do the most pull-ups, haha, yay. 

That is awesome about the church cleaning and how Dillon took Lukas and Hayden out for donuts afterwards. Dillon is a champ!

Church was good! The turnout wasn't as big as before, but there were still a decent amount of people there. It is so amazing to meet a new ward, and see how different and how similar they are to the last one. It is sooooo cool though, because my German is a lot better than it was in my start of the last ward, so everything is way easier.  We did not have to teach any classes, so it was just a nice Sunday!  We did give a blessing to a 95-year old member after church though....then she made us a cake.

The highlight of the week besides District Meeting interviews would most definitely have to be our lesson with Frau B. She is soooo cool! They have tried to get her to set a baptismal date for the last 2 lessons, and she wasn't way into it. This time we went in there, and we were going to talk about the Word of Wisdom, because she is way into health and she would have loved it, but we ended up having a deep discussion about the Book of Mormon. We got her to open up to us and she said she knows it is true. We had a wonderful lesson and the Spirit was really there. We talked a little about baptism and we think she will commit to it the next lesson. Sooo cool! We also had a member there, and Frau B also had a friend. Because of the awesome lesson, we will also be meeting with the friend.

I am getting used to the area. I had an Austausch with Elder Cavin this last week. It was really cool. We went to a town called Rottweil, where Rottweilers come from, and we found tons of people. It was a really good Austausch.

I have several Austausches this next week. The ZLs will be in my District Meeting, and after I will tausch with Elder Toropainen, a former Zone Leader in his area in Schafhausen, Switzerland. So I get to spend the night there, yay! Then later, I also will get to tausch with Elder Abd El Moeti, who is in my apartment and he's also a former Zone Leader. So, busy week ahead of me!

As for what I read, I am in John of the New Testament, and I read a few chapters from there every morning, as well as a little in the Book of Mormon. I am in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and am just reading it because it is one of my favorite books. I study a Conference talk every morning too, as well as read from Preach My Gospel. Normally I also study a tad for District Meeting. So lots of stuff!

I am way happy! Just a little tired! It has been a busy week and it will be another busy one, that is for sure!  For P-day today, we are going to some sweet ruins in Singen called Hohenwiel.  It will be way cool!

Cool about the ward members headed off on their missions! It will change their lives!

And I love you so much! I appreciate all that you do for me and I love you more than anything! 

Liebe Grüsse,
Elder Ridd

A church in Rottweil

Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd on Tausch
Scottish drink that Elder Cavin made me on tausch
Swiss train and Schaffhausen sign in Switzerland

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