Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ruins, Service & Switzerland - 5/27/14

We visited some ruins last Monday for P-Day
Climbing on the ruins with Elder Garrett, one of the Zone Leaders
We all climbed to the top
Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd 

Elder Ridd & Elder Abd El Moeti
Mütter! Pops!

Yeah, another week down! So weird! But it was great! This week was way cool and very different than any other week I’ve had on the mission. My second district meeting went well also so that’s great!

Church yesterday was really good! We had a few less-actives there, as well as 2 really awesome investigators! I actually got to teach an investigator from the other two elders, as one of the elders was picking up a less-active, so I got to help them out by teaching the Plan of Salvation. That is cool about the missionaries fellowshipping people there, too. So weird that I really didn't notice the missionaries in our area too much and now that I’m on a mission it's way cool to hear about them! It sounds like your lesson went pretty well, so that is superb! 

Hahah, I know, right!? Schwester S is the most healthy 95-year old I have ever seen or met (Schwester S made Elder Ridd and his companion a cake last week!). Frau B is doing amazing. She visited Sacrament meeting, and we had R, another investigator there as well. She didn't make a baptisimal commitment, and I missed the lesson as I was on Tausch with another Elder in Switzerland. We did not get to meet with Frau B's friend yet.

I taught a ton of different lessons this week, but not really too much in my area as I was in 2 different areas for part of the week. But the Aus Tausches were great. I got to meet my district members and get to know them a lot better, and it was tons of fun. I did get to stay in Switzerland, which was a really neat experience. The missionaries in my district are doing great! I have already tausched with a few and I have another tausch coming up tomorrow. And they are working hard. I stayed overnight in Schaffhausen, Switzerland this last week and worked with Elder Toropainen, a former Zone Leader. Then the day after I tausched with Elder Abd El Moeti, also a former Zone Leader. So I had an awesome week working with way experienced missionaries. 

That sounds neat about the temple session. I want to go to the Bern Temple really bad while I am here! And cool thing, Elder Toropainen, who I tausched with, is from Finland! 

That's so cool about the Journey/Steve Miller concert - sounds like it was an absolute blast. Sounds like Pops will be have pretty cool trip this week! Let me know if you guys move by the time I get home. That will be awkward if someone else is in the house when I come home - haha. Reminds me of a movie. And dang, Mama! You are going to be alone for awhile! What are you going to do?

To answer Mom's question:  We don’t have too many dinner appointments with the members - actually we haven’t had any since I’ve been in the area, but the members are way cool. I am getting to know them better, which is really good as well. I am doing pretty good health-wise, except I think that I am allergic to like everything out here. My nose is itchy and pretty stuffy; I am taking the allergy medicine you sent me, so it's not too bad. 

Another cool thing we did this week includes playing football (soccer) with the youth of the ward on Friday. That was so fun. I am starting to like soccer a lot again; they are obsessed with the sport over here. In addition to that, we have a pro soccer player in our apartment - Elder Cavin played for Dundee, which is a professional team in Scotland. Way cool! The ruins last Monday were amazing; the Zone Leaders and their district were there as well, so it was the Schwenningen apartment and the Singen District that were there. I will send pics - it was a blast! I got to celebrate Elder Toropainen's birthday on Tausch with him! That was cool - the Schaffhausen sisters composed a song for him in German and sang it to him. My district is awesome! I am loving this transfer so much. Definitely one of my favorites so far- my companion, the area, and the 4-man apartment are just so cool. Elder Plumb and I are just on the same page. He is way ambitious, and so am I and we just want to improve as much as we can together. It will be sad to see him go, which I think he will after this transfer. I can still pump out around 30 pull-ups, which I am way surprised about. And of course I can keep doing sets. I haven’t done them in awhile so it’s not as easy as it once was, but I will get back into the hang of it. And you are like the most athletic Pops ever. Pumping out 20 is amazing. Those quotes are way cool! I wrote both down in my planner. 

But this week was great! And yeah, President Miles sadly will be headed home. He is soooo cool. I will miss him and the way he runs things, but the next president should also be good!

I love ya tons, and thanks for all the support you give me while I am out here. You are the best and I will keep on trying to do the best I can to further this wonderful work!

Elder Mitchell Ridd

Elder Plumb & Elder Ridd

Service project we did for our investigator (below); we cut a shed in half & moved it onto a van! 
In front of the church with our investigator
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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