Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Almost Birthday & Goodbye to the Miles - 6/9/14

Bad Säckingen - the side over the bridge is Switzerland!
 The Nägster (Elder Nägli) and me on Tausch
Duckface. Elders Plumb, Ridd and Nägli
Miles farewell conference in Singen for the Freiburg Zone
Hey there, Mama!
Thanks so much for the bday wishes! And the wonderful packages that you sent off to me! They are awesome! And hahah - blow up balloons for my own bday...thanks ahah. Maybe the cake! And yeah that was fun last bday when you came to Utah and I tried sushi again and my life was changed. Pretty weird how that was a year ago!

Not too many plans for Pday. Elder Robins, or now known as Bryan (formerly Elder Plumb's trainer) was here visiting the mission with his family. So we went out and got breakfast with them. Pretty weird to see someone who was just in the mission come back and visit with his family. But it was also way cool to see. His family was way nice as well! 

Cool about Dad traveling all around. Must be interesting seeing so many cultures for him! And that is really way cool that the boys are already off on their adventure. It will be a blast! And Luke let me know that Hayd's in his crew. So that is also pretty cool! Sounds like a fun group and a really fun trip.

Church went really well today. Actually it was different because there was a European conference, featuring President Uchtdorf. It was really cool they spoke from Zollikofen, the area where the temple is in Switzerland. It was broadcast to our building, so we got to watch it with a ton of people there from the Singen ward. Frau B was also there and she got to hear them speak, which was really cool and neat! Sadly they did it in English and it was translated into German, because it was broadcast to all of the European church and it is easier to translate from English I guess. I really wanted to hear President Uchtdorf speak some German! But it was good nonetheless.

The investigators are doing well! From what I got to see of them, haha.  I was in Bad Säckingen when Elder Pyle and Elder Plumb taught A. But they dropped him, as he just wanted info more than wanting to seriously pray and find out it the Book of Mormon was really from God. So that was sad! And while I was on Tausch they also taught Frau B, although I was in Singen that time. But it went well - they went over baptism and she is pretty much ready; she just wants to tell her sisters and stuff before we set a date. We will meet with her tonight and see what the verdict is. R was pretty hard to contact this week, but we have an appointment with E this coming Thursday which is pretty cool!

Dr. S has been emailing me, and he seems to be doing good. 

President and Sister Miles gave their Farewell conference to us this last week after we had Zone Training in Singen. It was pretty sad to see them say goodbye! He is such a great mission president. But it will be good to have a new President as well. 

And the spiritual high for this week... hmmm. We had some really good lessons. I would say the best one was the lesson we had in Singen with a new convert named M. I was with the Zone Leader, Elder Mickelson, and we had a member from Singen there with us, and we taught her about the Restoration again and it went way well. It was cool to see the member there feel the Spirit and help us teach.

Awesome about all the people going on missions and receiving their mission calls! That is sooooo cool! Pretty interesting areas as well. That will be way cool for Garrett. And that is awesome about Josh!

The weather is pretty interesting here. It is pretty hot today! Definitely a change from what it has been like previously. But it is nice. Although the no A/C in Germany is kinda a killer. My clothes are doing well. The only thing I'd say I might need are a few more short sleeves. The summer is hot!!!!!!! Especially with no A/C.

We didn’t have District meeting this week due to Zone Training with the Miles. They said their final official goodbye to us all and it was pretty sad! But hey, the work goes on! I had a few Aus Tausches this week! The first one I was in Singen with Elder Mickelson. It was the Zone Leader Tausch; they happen once a transfer with the DLs. So that was pretty good! We got to teach a few lessons together! We had that on Tuesday, I came back to Schwenningen Wednesday, worked with my comp that night and Tausched to Bad Säckingen on Thursday and worked with Elder Nägli. That was also a really good Tausch, and then we tausched back in Singen on Friday, for Zone Training. So, lots of traveling! Busy week!

But I do not have to leave my area for the rest of this transfer for aus tausches. I have one last aus tausch this transfer with Elder Dooreman.  After District meeting tomorrow he will come back to Schwenningen with me and I will leave Elder Plumb in Schaffhausen. We will tausch back in Singen the next day on Wednesday! Pretty cool! And weird that we have transfer calls on Friday. 

Thanks for everything, Mama! You are the best and I appreciate all that you do for me! Love you tons and I hope that you have an excellent week!
Elder Ridd
Selfie with Sister Robben, one of the Schaffhausen sister missionaries
(from the Netherlands)
More duckface - Elders Cavin, Plumb and Ridd
Elders Ridd & Riser - Elder Riser is going home ("dying") this week.
The sleepover that the Zone Leaders had at our place

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