Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eine Tolle Woche! (A Great Week!) 6/2/14

Elder Plumb bought an American flag
Pic of a small dwarf called Vöhringen, where 2 of our investigators live.

I am doing well! And that is way cool, sounds like the scout Swamp trip will be tons of fun for Lukas and Hayden! And it looks like packing was also fun. I am sure Tex wanted to go with them, haha.  That is good that Dad saw the grandparents in Utah and they're doing well! That is awesome that Carmike is still kicking! That would be so sad if they went out of business while I'm away. 

I did receive my birthday packages and opened them - but not the wrapped gifts! And I love all of the things, Mama! Thanks so much, you are the bestttt! Grandma Roz's package came this morning and that is sooooo nice of them to send me a package! They are soooo awesome! 

So this week went pretty well. District Meeting was way good again! My district is just so cooool! We had district lunch, and the Schaffhausen Elders made us chili and we dipped some awesome Swiss bread in it. The Schaffhausen Sister missionaries brought dessert, and we brought the drinks.  Normally we have District Meeting every week and we meet in Schaffhausen, Switzerland every time. So that is way cool! I didn't have to run all over this week, which was good. I got to stay in Schwenningen and Elder Plumb went to Bad Säckingen. He worked with Elder Nägli, and I worked with Elder Pyle (from my MTC group). It was tons of fun and it was a really good exchange! All of us in Schwennigen are still getting along amazingly great, so we really want to all stay another transfer when calls roll around.

I am eating well! We had a really cool member appointment this week in Rottweil. We went there and he made us like way good German food. He served us white asparagus - which was good (but I like green better), as well as meat wrapped in bacon. He is a champ cook, that is for sure! 

We did teach some lessons this week! We taught an investigator named A on Monday, which went well. He is Indian and we really taught in unity and answered all of his questions. He looks at things from a logical perspective, which makes it hard for him to have a lot of faith, but we are working on getting him to start praying. 

We also met with another guy named Herr K. We found him while dooring, and he is way cool. He used to work in Taiwan, so he knows the Mormons from there. He loved the first lesson and we will meet with him sometime again this week.

We met with Frau B again....this lady is soooo cool! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasized the importance of baptism. Then we popped the commitment after bearing powerful testimony about it being the right thing for her to do. She said she thinks she can get baptized on the 15th of June, but she has to check her calendar. Then she came to church and we had an awesome testimony meeting. We will meet with her again on Tuesday, where we think she  will make a baptismal date. Sadly, I will be on Tausch with a Zone Leader in Singen for her Tuesday appointment. But Elder Plumb and the other Zone Leader will be in that lesson.

Our investigator, R, is doing well. We also met with someone who lives in the same building she lives in, who is named E. He is kind of a gangster, but he loves Jesus. He is way interested in modern day prophets and the Book of Mormon and he wants to meet again. Of course, afterwards we went by on R and talked with her for awhile.

That's a lot of what we did this week. I'm definitely loving the work so much right now. Elder Plumb and I are so on the same page, and have the same desires and ambitions that it is a dream companionship. I don't think it gets better than this! We teach unified as well as with the Spirit there so it has been a blast. Today for Pday we will be headed to Singen to play soccer with some other Elders, so that will be fun. Of course I am bringing the ultimate frisbee.

I love you tons and I hope that you have a good week! You are the best and thanks for all that you do for me while I am out here! 

Love you tons!
Elder Ridd

Cool pic in Donaueschingen, while on Tausch with Elder Pyle

Elder Ridd and Elder Pyle on Tausch. They were in the MTC together!

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