Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transfer Calls & Birthday - 6/16/14

Birthday Cake! 
Church with R (She also made the cake in the above pic!)

Hey Mama! Hey Pops!

I am doing wonderful. My birthday was way good! We celebrated throughout the week with different people, haha. The presents were also great - thank you so much. On my Bday, we had district meeting, and an Aus Tausch, so Elder Plumb was with me for only the first half. He made me breakfast and woke me up singing Happy Bday. Then we worked like normal, and at the end of the day we made that cake, sang, and had barbeque on our balcony. It was way good. Then yesterday, we celebrated with R.  She pretends she is our mom while we are away from home, so we got to have more cake and an amazing dinner as well. It was a two-part celebration: my bday and Elder Plumb leaving. 

Today for Pday we're going to Triberg, the cuckoo clock place in the middle of the Black Forest.  And we have 2 eating appointments today because of the transfer call news! Elder Plumb is going to Graz, Austria and I get to train a new missionary! I am so excited! It will be an awesome experience, and I get to go to Munich and pick him up on Wednesday. 

Yeah, Mom, you had the whole house of yourself! But that is crazy about Dad's trip. Sounds pretty exhausting! And yeah, spoil Pops for me!

NIce, that is way cool - I am so glad the Spurs won. That is awesome.

That sounds really fun about the Swamp Base. I thought that it would be a little longer than it was, but that is cool that they got home safe and also had an amazing experience out there. Haha - there are always tons of dirty clothes after camps and stuff, but good to hear it is taken care of now. 

Church went really well! We had two investigators there, Frau B and R. So that was way good. E Plumb got to bear his leaving testimony which was awesome. The ward loves him so much and trusts him tons, and it's cool to see the impact he made on them. That is funny about the kids. We actually taught the 10 commandments to Frau B the other day. Look at us, Mama! Teaching the same lessons.

The accent is more Swiss here than in Tübingen. But it isn't too bad; I can understand like everyone now. There are only some words that I don't get, but if you ask someone they will gladly explain what a word means using different German words.

Frau B is doing awesome. We had another amazing lesson with her and she is close to baptism. She loves church and came for all 3 hours yesterday, which was way cool. R came for the last two hours, and we had a little party thing with her last night for my bday and for E Plumb leaving. We also met with E and he is doing well. He loves praying with us and talking about Christ. Sadly he is kinda a longshot for baptism, but hey he is progressing!

But yeah DL is a lot of traveling, not too much time working in my area which is the downside. I am excited to be able to work in my area this next transfer with a Golden! Elder Cavin will be the DL this next transfer!  I will get to meet the new President the third of July in Winterthur, Switzerland, so that will be really cool and I am really excited about that!

Love you tons, Mama and Pops! Dad, I hope you had an amazing Father's Day! I am so thankful for all that you do. You are seriously the coolest dad ever and the best example to all us boys. I am so thankful for the loving father that I have and for the excellent example you are. We all strive to be like you and follow in your footsteps. I love you so much, dude! Thanks, Mom, for the wonderful quotes! You are the best! Oh, if you can throw some Jolly Ranchers in the next package, Elder Cavin would love you, haha!
Elder Ridd
The youth & the missionaries!
Karaoke with Elder Plumb
Birthday BBQ

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