Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Transfers - Staying in Schwenningen. 7/28/14

Elder Ridd & Elder Abd El Moeti

Schwester M & Elder Ridd

Hey Mom!
This week has been really good! Yes, it looks like it will rain again today sadly, haha. Oh well! But I am staying put! (Transfers are this week, and Elder Ridd is staying in Schwenningen).  I get to finish training Elder Wilkins, so that is really cool. Elder Cavin will be getting a golden this transfer, so we will have 2 goldens in our apartment. Pretty cool! There are 20 new missionaries coming into the mission, so he doesn't get to go to the mission home in Munich to pick up his new golden, but he will pick him up from Stuttgart and just come back to the area. But yeah, we are sad Elder Abd El Moeti is leaving. (He's completed his 2-year mission and is going home). He is a cool guy! But we are looking forward to this next transfer as well. 

We did end up playing soccer this last Pday - and the one before it - in the rain. It was tons of fun but we want to go see some cool places. We will definitely go when Elder Cavin gets his new missionary. But all is well. I want to buy the Germany soccer jersey today and a nice chill Pday will be great as well. 

Frau B is doing well! Sadly we had to postpone her baptismal date as she will be going out of town for work for a week, to pick up her new work car, then she will be on vacation - so our date is now September 14th (the beginning of the next transfer). But hey - as long as she gets baptised and comes closer to Christ, I'm happy!

The Pakastani guys...we had an interesting lesson with them. It went well... haha, one of them said he really likes our religion and thinks that we have awesome values, but we are not sure if we will go back. One of them wants us to teach them German, but we don't want to do that unless they are willing to actually investigate the church. So we are not really planning on heading back there unless they really want to learn.

S came to church this last Sunday! He really enjoyed it, so that was really cool. We taught him an overview of the Plan of Salvation and that was really good. He is excited to meet with us another time this week. He also tried to get me to represent a business that he and his friends were making in America... hahahaha. I told him maybe after the mission.

Y sent us a text and said he wants to meet with us but is really busy, and he will give us a ring when he has time again. And sadly, we did not find time this last week to go by to see the Brazilian lady. 

We didn't have toooo many service projects this last week, but we got to teach 3 less- active lessons. They were all to the same guy, Bruder Z, and he is way cool. His blood sugar was too high so he gave us like all the sweets in his house, so we had to go back 3 days this week to see how he was doing and ended up giving him a spiritual thought each time (a 50 minute lesson! Haha). He is way spiritual and is only less-active due to his sickness.

But Elder Wilkins is doing great! He is so funny in member appointments....some of the random stuff in German that he says, hahaha. Man, he makes them laugh. We had a really good week! Some of the things that we did this week include: Applying for German driver's licenses, eating appointments yesterday ~ one with familie G, one with Schwester M. Both were really, really funny.
We had a really good lesson with Herr K as well. We talked about repentance and he is really opening up and starting to progress more and more which is cool to see. He loves our visits!

We also did tons of other things! 
Thanks for everything! I love you tons, Mama! Have an amazing week!

Elder Ridd
Sweet German house
Cool building on the way to pick up Elder Wilkins' visa

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away! 7/21/14

Awesome German house in Schwenningen
Cool view in Tuttlingen, where the Familie B lives
Me with the two elders from our district who are going home this next week.  They are OLD!
(Elders Toropainen and Abd El Moeti. E Toropainen was on Aus Tausch) 
Hey there!

I am doing awesome! How are you? This week has been really good! And yes, it is still raining. It keeps raining on our Pday! Oh well, we will probably play some soccer again today. I also am planning on getting a haircut. I feel like my hair just grows way too fast...faster than when I was home, haha. 

That will be interesting for the kids to go to EFY at BYU. Lottttss more kids. But it will be a good experience even though its the wrong school! (haha ;) ) 

The missionary work is going well! We are hitting the pavement this week and hopefully finding a ton of new investigators. This last week was good as well. We met with the Pakastani guys and it was really good. They asked tons about Jesus and how we could believe that He took the sins of the world upon Himself, and really good questions like that. And they really thought about our answers, so that was nice.  Anyway, they are nice guys - don't freak out, haha. We are meeting with them again on Wednesday, and we will either drop them if they don't want to really investigate - or keep them. 

Frau B is doing awesome! We will be meeting with her on Thursday and teaching some of the last principles she hasn't heard. Then we will go over the baptismal interview questions. We will have a pretty cool member come with us :). She didn't make it to church because she was really busy, but she comes when she can! (Which is mostly every week). 

Sadly, we haven't heard too much from S. And the lady and her mom from Brazil were not there when we went by this week. We will try one more time and if they aren't there we will move on and just leave a note. Sad - but I think they will be there!

We found some pretty cool people this week. We found a really cool Chinese family. His name is Y and he has a little kid around 1 year old. We are hoping to meet with him this week! So we are really excited about that. 

We did do more service at the Familie B place. They had us cleaning up stones and putting them in the back yard. He is going to make a big stone wall on the back of his property. Pretty cool! Bruder B is a boss!

This week was way good! Zone training was really good as usual. We got to see the missionaries that will be going home next Thursday bear their testimonies. So Elder Abd El Moeti got to give his. So weird that he will be home in 2 weeks. But he is way cool and isn't even thinking about that - so that is good!

I am eating well! And Elder Wilkins and I are getting along great! Of course! He is learning a lot. I have not bought myself a champion jersey yet, but I will today if I see one. They will be expensive though - scary! 

Miss you too! Hope you have a great week!
Alle meine Liebe,
Elder Ridd

Monday, July 14, 2014

Baptismal Date, Cats & World Cup Champions! 7/14/14

German kitty cat (note the sweater in July! He's not in Houston anymore...)
....and another cat! If the people won't listen, maybe the cat will!
Scenic Schwenningen - cool sky
Hey Mama & Pops!
All is going really good over here! It was way crazy last night! (Germany ~ World Cup winners!). That is for sure - everyone was honking their horns and running around with German flags - haha. It sounds like it was a pretty boring game. But hey, Germany won, so that is awesome! Sadly, we did not get to watch it; Elder Cavin was pretty bummed that we were not allowed - haha. But yeah, I am glad that they won the WeltMeister while I was here. Definitely a way cool experience for us.

Frau B is doing awesome. She has a TAUFDATUM!!!!! (baptisimal date!).  She will get baptised on the 17th of August! We are so excited! She is soooooo coool and the lesson went so well. So it has just been a week packed full of cool miracles and cool people that we have found. S is an investigator that came to church two weeks ago. He is pretty cool; we are trying to meet with him but he is sometimes hard to meet with. 

Elder Wilkins is doing well. We have so many interesting stories  and we definitely have a lot of laughs, haha. He is doing really good and progressing with the language really fast. And we think that we will be getting ipad minis by the end of this year. President Kohler said that is what he is thinking. So hey, you never know! 

We went over to the lady from Brazil's home, and her mother-in-law lives in the apartment below. We talked to her and she was the nicest lady ever. We will go back this week and try and teach the Brazilian lady as well as everyone in the house. That would be way cool!

Sadly, the lady with 3 kids didn't work out. Her husband called us and said that they weren't interested. The husbands are always stubborn! Saddddd. But thanks so much for the message for Dr. S. I will for sure send it to him. It looks way good.

For dinner? I'm eating really well. We eat a lot of different things. We had a lunch appointment with the awesome familie B after we did some service for them this last week. We ate some great chicken and we kinda helped him move tons of huge stones where he needed them. He makes awesome walls out of stone - he just does it for fun.  

It has been a little cold and rainy this week. We were going to go to a different part of Triberg today, but it is going to rain so we probably will just have another relaxing Pday. Those are nice too, but I really want to take E Wilkins to see something cool. But the weather has been pretty rough.  

We did have some way cool experiences finding people and then teaching them this week.  So the first cool person we found this week was on a train. We were talking to this guy from India and he said he had interest. We then set up an appointment for that night and met with him at the church to give him a church tour. He is reading the Book of Mormon now and we hope to meet with him this week. 

The second experience was after we had taught Herr K this week. We had been aiming to get like 3 people interested afterwards. We talked to this guy who was walking and he said he would like to hear more and asked us if we had time right then. He was Pakistani. He told us that he had friends and they were cooking and hanging out, and would love to hear more too. So we went into his house and there were about 6 Pakastani guys there. They were all speaking Urdu and then they started talking to us in English. They brought us to a spot to sit down -  so we did - and talked about the Gospel with the 6 Pakastani guys. Elder Wilkins thought they were going to rob us and kill us, hahaha. But it was really good. Except for the fact that they gave us a book saying that Jesus isn't the Christ...but they have real interest to find out about our church.  We are going back tonight to give them a Book of Mormon in Urdu and to have another lesson. That was really interesting. 

We have a Zone Training meeting tomorrow in Singen. That will be fun! 

This week was way good! Overall it was an amazing week topped off with Germany winning the World Cup and Frau B agreeing to be baptised on the 17th of August!  Thanks for all you do! Love you tons and love getting your emails and hearing from ya! I'll do my best over here! We are seeing miracles every day and we will keep going out there and giving it our all! 

Love you tons! 
Elder Ridd
Selfie - Elder Wilkins & Elder Ridd
Random pic of Schewenningen

Monday, July 7, 2014

Meeting the Kohlers - 7/7/14

Elder Ridd (right) with his "Golden," Elder Wilkins (left)
Good-bye, President & Sister Miles; Hello, President & Sister Kohler!
Dear Mama & Daddio!
Everything is going well in rainy Schwenningen, haha. The last few days have been prettttyyy rainy! But all is well here. I have been great! It was a really good week. I definitely enjoyed it and had a blast. We got to meet President Kohler and he is awesome. He is just what the mission needs. We traveled to Switzerland for the day and then traveled back. It was around 4 hours of travel in total. And it was with two Zones from the mission. I had an interview with him (along with Elder Wilkins). He did it in companionships so he could get to know us better, so that was a really cool experience. He seems really nice and yeah, he brought his daughter and his son with him as well, so that is really cool. That must be a really crazy experience for the kids!

The mission work is going great. E Wilkins is learning lots and is speaking some really good German already. His biggest strength with the language is that he is not afraid to make mistakes when he is speaking it, so he just goes for it. It is really good to do that, as it is the fastest way to learn! So all is going well.

Frau B is doing great! We met with her yesterday and we got to share the Law of Chastity with her, or Das Gesetz der Keuschheit. It went really well. Afterwards she asked us how we became truly converted to the Gospel and such, and we all got to share our stories which was really good! She is actually busy on Sundays for the next few weeks, but we are gonna work something out in August. We went shopping without her this morning. Frau B did not make it to church, but another one of our investigators named S came! That was really cool!

We did have some eating appointments this week. We actually had two on the 4th of July. One was for a member’s birthday, and we got to grill. The other was another Young Women’s activity, where we got to share why we came out on missions. It was really good!

We have found some really cool people this week. One lady we talked to was from Brazil, and she said she knew the missionaries in Brazil and she loved them. Then she moved to Germany and was looking for them and couldn’t find them. So we will be meeting with her this week and are way excited for that!

Another way cool experience that we had this week was when we found this awesome family. The night before, we decided to set really high goals for the people we would find the next day. We said we would find 3 people that would potentially get baptized. We were really busy that day and the only time we had to contact was on the way to stuff. We were on the way home at the end of the day and hadn’t found anyone really promising, but then we talked to this family...and they were way interested! The mother of these 3 kids stopped and talked to us and was really interested in our message. She was also way nice and she was writing her number in my planner and the kids were like, “We want to write our names too!” So they all wrote their names in my planner and we will meet with the family of 4 this week! They are way cool so we were so blessed to find them.

I haven’t heard form Dr S this week, but last week he was doing really well. His wife is going to visit him in Germany soon so he is really excited for that!

That sounds like it was a really good fast and testimony meeting! Sounds like Luke had a really fun week minus the slight sickness. Haha, but woah - boating and an Astros game. Pretty cool! I heard he killed his AP tests as well. What a stud!  Haha, that is funny about Hayden. Weird - I didn't think he liked video games. And that's awesome that Parker's taking a weight-lifting class. Allright! Sign me up! Haha! That is cool about the kids headed to EFY. And the Utah trip. Weird to think that it is already summer again there. Time flies! 

And sadly we will not be watching the football game! I wish. But we will definitely hear about it. We haven’t been able to watch the recent matches, but we sure have been updated about them all from the members and everyone in the area. They are such big soccer fans you wouldn’t believe it. Literally, I've never heard so many people talk about a sport - haha. Everyone here thinks Germany and Holland will make it to the Finals. Holland is a good team, so we will have to see what happens. Interesting about the NBA. Pretty cool that we (Utah Jazz) picked up a point guard. I am hearing rumors that LeBron won't play for the Heat anymore. Any truth to that rumor? 

I haven’t been wearing the short sleeves too much due to the rain and the weird weather now, but I will when it heats up again. We basically always have the windows open for air and because we have no A/C. It did get pretty dang clean in our apartment, but living with 4 missionaries it gets dirty again pretty fast. We will need to clean it again today. You'd be proud of me....I'm the cleanest one.

Thanks so much! You guys are the best. And I love your letters. That is way cool about the ipads! President Kohler thinks we will have them by the end of the year. So that is pretty exciting! Dang, it does look like a pretty wet week! I will have to bring the Regenschirm with me everywhere (umbrella). It's weird to think that I've been out for 8 months already, but it’s pretty cool as well. The time goes!

Ich habe dich Lieb! Du bist der beste!
Elder Ridd
 Elder Pyle, Elder Weston & Elder Ridd
We were in the MTC together!
Elder Weston and me. He was in my MTC district. First time I've seen him in the field! 
Elder Ridd & Elder Wilkins

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Church Tour & School Presentation - 6/30/14

Dooring the Catholic Church
Huge Catholic Church we visited last Monday

Guten Morgen!
Thanks so much for the package!  It was amazinggggg. I loved it so much and the shirts also fit wonderfully so thanks a million times!

That is cool about President Miles' homecoming. Sounds like it was a really good meeting and that is so cool that you and Parker got to go. It still feels like they are just in Munich and he is still our Mission President, as we still have yet to hear from President Kohler. So weird, such a big change, and yet it feels like nothing has really changed at the moment. We do get to see President Kohler this week in Winterthur, Switzerland on Thursday, so that will be wayyyy cool! 

Ah, that is so cool that there were so many General Authorities and just awesome people there. That is so weird to think that President and Sister Miles will just resume normal life after the mission. Dang, that is pretty crazy to even think about. 

That is so cool about Grandpa talking about Germany. Pretty awesome that Parker was also able to help Grandma fix her computer. That really sounds like it was good that you stopped by to give them a visit!  So cool that Sam had a bday! Dang he is getting old! He is 3?! So cool. Time flies, that is for sure. Way good that they are all happy and having a good time!

Speaking of time flying, Michael H only has 5 transfers left on his mission.... That is so weird. We have finally been having contact so that has been way cool. He seems to be doing amazing and having a blast. 

My week was really good! We have done a lot this last week. We went to some really cool churches in Rottweil last Pday because Elder Wilkins really wanted to see some, and we got some good pictures of those. On Tuesday we had District Meeting in Schaffhausen, which was also way good. We had a lot of fun and it was Elder Wilkins’ first time in Switzerland on his mission. So that was also a pretty cool event for him. On Wednesday we had a mission cleaning day, so we deep-cleaned our whole apartment the entire day, and we sure needed it! This apartment has been used by missionaries for like the last 10 years - haha. So it was well-spent time cleaning the place. We ate with Familie Z on Thursday and gave their son a lesson as he is almost 8 years old. They want him to hear some lessons before he gets baptised. Then we tausched, and Elder Abd El Moeti and I were chosen to go to a school presentation to religion students who were around 15 years old, and talk about our religion. So we practiced our presentation Thursday with a non-member family and it went really well. Then after, we went to the ward and watched the football game with members. It was way good!

But yeah - I did get to watch US lose to Germany. Pretty slow game, but hey we are through. And dang, Belgium is really good. They won all their games so far, so I do not have too much hope for us in the knockout rounds. People go pretty crazy about this stuff in Germany. So I am hoping Germany wins the cup while I am here, that would be cool to say that I was here when they won it. But yeah, soccer seems to be getting more popular in the US. Or maybe it seems like it because the whole world besides the US is obsessed.

On Friday, we had the presentation to the students. It was really good and we gave out all of the Books of Mormon that we brought. At the end, they asked us questions for 45 minutes, and I had a student ask me if we owned guns at home. Haha. I got to talk about Dad’s guns, hah. The Young Women in our ward also cooked for us and ate with the missionaries in the church that night, so that was interesting.

I was back with Elder Wilkins on Saturday, and there was a Golden/Trainer meeting for our zone in Singen. So we got to travel there and participate in that which was fun. We also ate there and had a good time with the other trainers and goldens. Afterwards we had studies. On Sunday we went to church, and afterwards we had a Ward Lunch which was really good. Frau B came to church and it was a really good meeting. Then we did weekly planning and studies for the rest of the day on Sunday!

Today Frau B went shopping with us because she is way into health and wants to make sure we are eating healthy, so now we have 0 milk products in our apartment - haha. We will meet with Frau B again this coming Saturday. For Pday today, we are planning on playing some soccer and Elder Cavin will help us get better.

But I have had some pretty cool moments this week. Teaching the class of 50 students was really good. We were definitely led by the Spirit and it was a really good experience to explain what we believe. 

I love you so much! You are the best. Thanks so much for that package; it was sooooooo awesome. I am so grateful for the best Mama ever! Thanks for all you do for us boys!
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd

Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Tausch with Elder Abd El Moeti!