Monday, July 14, 2014

Baptismal Date, Cats & World Cup Champions! 7/14/14

German kitty cat (note the sweater in July! He's not in Houston anymore...)
....and another cat! If the people won't listen, maybe the cat will!
Scenic Schwenningen - cool sky
Hey Mama & Pops!
All is going really good over here! It was way crazy last night! (Germany ~ World Cup winners!). That is for sure - everyone was honking their horns and running around with German flags - haha. It sounds like it was a pretty boring game. But hey, Germany won, so that is awesome! Sadly, we did not get to watch it; Elder Cavin was pretty bummed that we were not allowed - haha. But yeah, I am glad that they won the WeltMeister while I was here. Definitely a way cool experience for us.

Frau B is doing awesome. She has a TAUFDATUM!!!!! (baptisimal date!).  She will get baptised on the 17th of August! We are so excited! She is soooooo coool and the lesson went so well. So it has just been a week packed full of cool miracles and cool people that we have found. S is an investigator that came to church two weeks ago. He is pretty cool; we are trying to meet with him but he is sometimes hard to meet with. 

Elder Wilkins is doing well. We have so many interesting stories  and we definitely have a lot of laughs, haha. He is doing really good and progressing with the language really fast. And we think that we will be getting ipad minis by the end of this year. President Kohler said that is what he is thinking. So hey, you never know! 

We went over to the lady from Brazil's home, and her mother-in-law lives in the apartment below. We talked to her and she was the nicest lady ever. We will go back this week and try and teach the Brazilian lady as well as everyone in the house. That would be way cool!

Sadly, the lady with 3 kids didn't work out. Her husband called us and said that they weren't interested. The husbands are always stubborn! Saddddd. But thanks so much for the message for Dr. S. I will for sure send it to him. It looks way good.

For dinner? I'm eating really well. We eat a lot of different things. We had a lunch appointment with the awesome familie B after we did some service for them this last week. We ate some great chicken and we kinda helped him move tons of huge stones where he needed them. He makes awesome walls out of stone - he just does it for fun.  

It has been a little cold and rainy this week. We were going to go to a different part of Triberg today, but it is going to rain so we probably will just have another relaxing Pday. Those are nice too, but I really want to take E Wilkins to see something cool. But the weather has been pretty rough.  

We did have some way cool experiences finding people and then teaching them this week.  So the first cool person we found this week was on a train. We were talking to this guy from India and he said he had interest. We then set up an appointment for that night and met with him at the church to give him a church tour. He is reading the Book of Mormon now and we hope to meet with him this week. 

The second experience was after we had taught Herr K this week. We had been aiming to get like 3 people interested afterwards. We talked to this guy who was walking and he said he would like to hear more and asked us if we had time right then. He was Pakistani. He told us that he had friends and they were cooking and hanging out, and would love to hear more too. So we went into his house and there were about 6 Pakastani guys there. They were all speaking Urdu and then they started talking to us in English. They brought us to a spot to sit down -  so we did - and talked about the Gospel with the 6 Pakastani guys. Elder Wilkins thought they were going to rob us and kill us, hahaha. But it was really good. Except for the fact that they gave us a book saying that Jesus isn't the Christ...but they have real interest to find out about our church.  We are going back tonight to give them a Book of Mormon in Urdu and to have another lesson. That was really interesting. 

We have a Zone Training meeting tomorrow in Singen. That will be fun! 

This week was way good! Overall it was an amazing week topped off with Germany winning the World Cup and Frau B agreeing to be baptised on the 17th of August!  Thanks for all you do! Love you tons and love getting your emails and hearing from ya! I'll do my best over here! We are seeing miracles every day and we will keep going out there and giving it our all! 

Love you tons! 
Elder Ridd
Selfie - Elder Wilkins & Elder Ridd
Random pic of Schewenningen

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