Monday, July 7, 2014

Meeting the Kohlers - 7/7/14

Elder Ridd (right) with his "Golden," Elder Wilkins (left)
Good-bye, President & Sister Miles; Hello, President & Sister Kohler!
Dear Mama & Daddio!
Everything is going well in rainy Schwenningen, haha. The last few days have been prettttyyy rainy! But all is well here. I have been great! It was a really good week. I definitely enjoyed it and had a blast. We got to meet President Kohler and he is awesome. He is just what the mission needs. We traveled to Switzerland for the day and then traveled back. It was around 4 hours of travel in total. And it was with two Zones from the mission. I had an interview with him (along with Elder Wilkins). He did it in companionships so he could get to know us better, so that was a really cool experience. He seems really nice and yeah, he brought his daughter and his son with him as well, so that is really cool. That must be a really crazy experience for the kids!

The mission work is going great. E Wilkins is learning lots and is speaking some really good German already. His biggest strength with the language is that he is not afraid to make mistakes when he is speaking it, so he just goes for it. It is really good to do that, as it is the fastest way to learn! So all is going well.

Frau B is doing great! We met with her yesterday and we got to share the Law of Chastity with her, or Das Gesetz der Keuschheit. It went really well. Afterwards she asked us how we became truly converted to the Gospel and such, and we all got to share our stories which was really good! She is actually busy on Sundays for the next few weeks, but we are gonna work something out in August. We went shopping without her this morning. Frau B did not make it to church, but another one of our investigators named S came! That was really cool!

We did have some eating appointments this week. We actually had two on the 4th of July. One was for a member’s birthday, and we got to grill. The other was another Young Women’s activity, where we got to share why we came out on missions. It was really good!

We have found some really cool people this week. One lady we talked to was from Brazil, and she said she knew the missionaries in Brazil and she loved them. Then she moved to Germany and was looking for them and couldn’t find them. So we will be meeting with her this week and are way excited for that!

Another way cool experience that we had this week was when we found this awesome family. The night before, we decided to set really high goals for the people we would find the next day. We said we would find 3 people that would potentially get baptized. We were really busy that day and the only time we had to contact was on the way to stuff. We were on the way home at the end of the day and hadn’t found anyone really promising, but then we talked to this family...and they were way interested! The mother of these 3 kids stopped and talked to us and was really interested in our message. She was also way nice and she was writing her number in my planner and the kids were like, “We want to write our names too!” So they all wrote their names in my planner and we will meet with the family of 4 this week! They are way cool so we were so blessed to find them.

I haven’t heard form Dr S this week, but last week he was doing really well. His wife is going to visit him in Germany soon so he is really excited for that!

That sounds like it was a really good fast and testimony meeting! Sounds like Luke had a really fun week minus the slight sickness. Haha, but woah - boating and an Astros game. Pretty cool! I heard he killed his AP tests as well. What a stud!  Haha, that is funny about Hayden. Weird - I didn't think he liked video games. And that's awesome that Parker's taking a weight-lifting class. Allright! Sign me up! Haha! That is cool about the kids headed to EFY. And the Utah trip. Weird to think that it is already summer again there. Time flies! 

And sadly we will not be watching the football game! I wish. But we will definitely hear about it. We haven’t been able to watch the recent matches, but we sure have been updated about them all from the members and everyone in the area. They are such big soccer fans you wouldn’t believe it. Literally, I've never heard so many people talk about a sport - haha. Everyone here thinks Germany and Holland will make it to the Finals. Holland is a good team, so we will have to see what happens. Interesting about the NBA. Pretty cool that we (Utah Jazz) picked up a point guard. I am hearing rumors that LeBron won't play for the Heat anymore. Any truth to that rumor? 

I haven’t been wearing the short sleeves too much due to the rain and the weird weather now, but I will when it heats up again. We basically always have the windows open for air and because we have no A/C. It did get pretty dang clean in our apartment, but living with 4 missionaries it gets dirty again pretty fast. We will need to clean it again today. You'd be proud of me....I'm the cleanest one.

Thanks so much! You guys are the best. And I love your letters. That is way cool about the ipads! President Kohler thinks we will have them by the end of the year. So that is pretty exciting! Dang, it does look like a pretty wet week! I will have to bring the Regenschirm with me everywhere (umbrella). It's weird to think that I've been out for 8 months already, but it’s pretty cool as well. The time goes!

Ich habe dich Lieb! Du bist der beste!
Elder Ridd
 Elder Pyle, Elder Weston & Elder Ridd
We were in the MTC together!
Elder Weston and me. He was in my MTC district. First time I've seen him in the field! 
Elder Ridd & Elder Wilkins

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