Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away! 7/21/14

Awesome German house in Schwenningen
Cool view in Tuttlingen, where the Familie B lives
Me with the two elders from our district who are going home this next week.  They are OLD!
(Elders Toropainen and Abd El Moeti. E Toropainen was on Aus Tausch) 
Hey there!

I am doing awesome! How are you? This week has been really good! And yes, it is still raining. It keeps raining on our Pday! Oh well, we will probably play some soccer again today. I also am planning on getting a haircut. I feel like my hair just grows way too fast...faster than when I was home, haha. 

That will be interesting for the kids to go to EFY at BYU. Lottttss more kids. But it will be a good experience even though its the wrong school! (haha ;) ) 

The missionary work is going well! We are hitting the pavement this week and hopefully finding a ton of new investigators. This last week was good as well. We met with the Pakastani guys and it was really good. They asked tons about Jesus and how we could believe that He took the sins of the world upon Himself, and really good questions like that. And they really thought about our answers, so that was nice.  Anyway, they are nice guys - don't freak out, haha. We are meeting with them again on Wednesday, and we will either drop them if they don't want to really investigate - or keep them. 

Frau B is doing awesome! We will be meeting with her on Thursday and teaching some of the last principles she hasn't heard. Then we will go over the baptismal interview questions. We will have a pretty cool member come with us :). She didn't make it to church because she was really busy, but she comes when she can! (Which is mostly every week). 

Sadly, we haven't heard too much from S. And the lady and her mom from Brazil were not there when we went by this week. We will try one more time and if they aren't there we will move on and just leave a note. Sad - but I think they will be there!

We found some pretty cool people this week. We found a really cool Chinese family. His name is Y and he has a little kid around 1 year old. We are hoping to meet with him this week! So we are really excited about that. 

We did do more service at the Familie B place. They had us cleaning up stones and putting them in the back yard. He is going to make a big stone wall on the back of his property. Pretty cool! Bruder B is a boss!

This week was way good! Zone training was really good as usual. We got to see the missionaries that will be going home next Thursday bear their testimonies. So Elder Abd El Moeti got to give his. So weird that he will be home in 2 weeks. But he is way cool and isn't even thinking about that - so that is good!

I am eating well! And Elder Wilkins and I are getting along great! Of course! He is learning a lot. I have not bought myself a champion jersey yet, but I will today if I see one. They will be expensive though - scary! 

Miss you too! Hope you have a great week!
Alle meine Liebe,
Elder Ridd

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