Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Transfers - Staying in Schwenningen. 7/28/14

Elder Ridd & Elder Abd El Moeti

Schwester M & Elder Ridd

Hey Mom!
This week has been really good! Yes, it looks like it will rain again today sadly, haha. Oh well! But I am staying put! (Transfers are this week, and Elder Ridd is staying in Schwenningen).  I get to finish training Elder Wilkins, so that is really cool. Elder Cavin will be getting a golden this transfer, so we will have 2 goldens in our apartment. Pretty cool! There are 20 new missionaries coming into the mission, so he doesn't get to go to the mission home in Munich to pick up his new golden, but he will pick him up from Stuttgart and just come back to the area. But yeah, we are sad Elder Abd El Moeti is leaving. (He's completed his 2-year mission and is going home). He is a cool guy! But we are looking forward to this next transfer as well. 

We did end up playing soccer this last Pday - and the one before it - in the rain. It was tons of fun but we want to go see some cool places. We will definitely go when Elder Cavin gets his new missionary. But all is well. I want to buy the Germany soccer jersey today and a nice chill Pday will be great as well. 

Frau B is doing well! Sadly we had to postpone her baptismal date as she will be going out of town for work for a week, to pick up her new work car, then she will be on vacation - so our date is now September 14th (the beginning of the next transfer). But hey - as long as she gets baptised and comes closer to Christ, I'm happy!

The Pakastani guys...we had an interesting lesson with them. It went well... haha, one of them said he really likes our religion and thinks that we have awesome values, but we are not sure if we will go back. One of them wants us to teach them German, but we don't want to do that unless they are willing to actually investigate the church. So we are not really planning on heading back there unless they really want to learn.

S came to church this last Sunday! He really enjoyed it, so that was really cool. We taught him an overview of the Plan of Salvation and that was really good. He is excited to meet with us another time this week. He also tried to get me to represent a business that he and his friends were making in America... hahahaha. I told him maybe after the mission.

Y sent us a text and said he wants to meet with us but is really busy, and he will give us a ring when he has time again. And sadly, we did not find time this last week to go by to see the Brazilian lady. 

We didn't have toooo many service projects this last week, but we got to teach 3 less- active lessons. They were all to the same guy, Bruder Z, and he is way cool. His blood sugar was too high so he gave us like all the sweets in his house, so we had to go back 3 days this week to see how he was doing and ended up giving him a spiritual thought each time (a 50 minute lesson! Haha). He is way spiritual and is only less-active due to his sickness.

But Elder Wilkins is doing great! He is so funny in member appointments....some of the random stuff in German that he says, hahaha. Man, he makes them laugh. We had a really good week! Some of the things that we did this week include: Applying for German driver's licenses, eating appointments yesterday ~ one with familie G, one with Schwester M. Both were really, really funny.
We had a really good lesson with Herr K as well. We talked about repentance and he is really opening up and starting to progress more and more which is cool to see. He loves our visits!

We also did tons of other things! 
Thanks for everything! I love you tons, Mama! Have an amazing week!

Elder Ridd
Sweet German house
Cool building on the way to pick up Elder Wilkins' visa

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