Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inspiration & Sigmaringen Castle - 8/25/14

Sigmaringen - this cool castle is in the middle of the city!
Schloss Sigmaringen

German Weltmeister Jersey! 
Meine Liebe Mütter!
Hey! I am doing great! This last week was good! Not the best week we have had but it was still good. Thank you so much for the package! It was excellent and the pants fit really well! Everything was soooo good. Your packages are the best ever!

Quotes are always awesome! I actually have a little journal I keep with just really motivational things and quotes. So I think I got your obsession with quotes and things - haha.

The investigators are doing well! Frau B was in Church again and we didn’t really talk to her about her baptismal date yet. We will this week, when we go and teach her. She should have the program for her baptism written up by then and then if E Wilkins or I are doing anything important (which I think we will be), we will try to move it forward. S did not make it to church; I think we will stop meeting with him as contact is pretty hard to make. But “Ib” is doing well and MH is still in Frankfurt. He comes back this week! Bruder Z is doing really well! We need to schedule an appointment this week with him - he is way cool. I learn so much German when I go over there - it is really good for my German, as I get to practice it for about an hour of straight talking about different things.

We did a lot of finding this week, and taking turns staying home with Elder Cavin (E Cavin had a bad week and was sick). We wanted both of our Goldens to get some time on the street with each other, as it wouldn’t be good for E Albrecht to stay inside for a whole week at the beginning of his mission. So we did a few tausches, but it was a really good week!

Something way cool that happened this week was that we were just finishing studies, and we had an impression to go to the church and do emails - which is not what we had planned at all. So we went to the church and started emailing and then the church phone started ringing...I answered it and it was a German guy who has a Portuguese Mormon girlfriend. He said he’s interested in learning about the church but he was going to be away for 2 months. He asked if he could come pick up 3 Books of Mormon from the church before he left, so we said of course! He came and we met him and he took 3 books, and said he will 100 percent come to church when he gets back. It was wayyyy cool!! 

A really cool city that we got to proselyte in this week was Sigmaringen. It is a city with a way cool castle in the middle of it. I will send you some pics! For more info on this castle, click on this link: http://schloss-sigmaringen.de/

Thanks for all you do for me! That package was so awesome - thank you soooo much! Vielen Vielen Dank, es war so lieb von dir! You are the best and I miss ya! Mondays are for sure awesome because we get to write!
Love you tons!
Elder Ridd

Sunset from our apartment

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Baptism! 8/18/14

Elder Ridd & J, on his Baptism Day!
Elders Cavin & Albrecht, along with new member,  J
A church in Trossingen...there are so many churches; I just take pictures of them all. Haha!

This last week has been really good but also pretty busy! But yeah - I am not sure how accurate the weather thing is because it really looks like it is going to rain today as well. Elder Cavin actually got sick last night, so we will probably have a pretty relaxed Pday. But dang, it looks like it is getting pretty cold! 

And the ties - haha, I like über skinny and moderately skinny. 

The week has been really good! We did have some success in teaching, but a lot of our appointments also fell out. But it was still a good week. Frau B is doing really well. We met with her on Saturday after interviews with President and had a really good lesson. We talked about temples and genealogy and it was way good. She also asked a little bit about the baptismal program. She is thinking about “who she wants to do what” on her big day. We got to teach I on Monday; he was one of the people whom Elder Albrecht and I found when we were on Aus Tausch. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date with him for the 21st of September! So that was also way cool! MH is doing well; he is still in Frankfurt. He sent us a message saying that he is doing good and he hopes that we are too. He said he was praying - so that was also way amazing! But S wasn’t at Church and he hasn’t had too much contact with us this week.  Right now we have 3 baptismal dates: Frau B on the 14th of September, and the other two on the 21st of September. If I get transferred, I will not get to come back and see them. I'd like to move Frau B's 1 week earlier; then I would still be here even if I am transferred.  We got to meet with Bruder Z again, the less active member who can’t come to church because of his sickness (but is way faithful). We are actually meeting with him again today! He is way cool!

We got to meet with I again this last week, so we met with him twice. He is doing really good and is praying - and yeah he is just a way cool guy who wants to come closer to God. He is from Gambia, is Muslim and is around 28 years old.

To answer Mom’s question - for dinner, we make a weekly plan and try to make a meal together at least once a day as an apartment. Last night we had lasagna, but it was just three of us, as Elder Cavin was sick. It was the first time we have homemade lasagna, but it turned out really good! We buy food as an apartment every week, so each of us buys one week of the month.

And yeah, Switzerland is way pretty. There is a different atmosphere when you cross the border, that is for sure - but they were preoccupied as we crossed the border in a member’s car so we didn’t get checked. When we take a train into Schaffhausen they never check you, but with a car it is different. 

The interview with President went really good. He is way cool and his family is also awesome. The Zone training went really well, too! It was a pretty busy week with meetings but it was still a good one! J had his baptism on Sunday and it was awesome! He is inviting us and the other 2 elders over to celebrate and to eat this week so that will be fun. E Cavin baptized him and then got kind of sick afterwards. Luckily he made it home. He is the District Leader, so he was supposed to make calls Sunday night and get numbers, but he gave me that assignment as he was way sick. So I got to make calls again last night and collect numbers. It was weird to do after it has been about a transfer and a half, haha.

I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Schaffenhausen, Switzerland - the goat thing is the Crest of the Canton in der Schweiz

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The Field is White" - 8/11/14

Oh hello, old Ferrari

Elder Ridd & Elder Albrecht, working together on an exchange
Cuckoo clock bed
Hey Mama!
I am doing great today - it is kind of rainy! But all is good because we are planning on kind of taking a relaxing day. 

The missionary work is awesome! We are hitting high goals that we are setting, and then shooting even higher. This week we have really high goals, but I believe that we will hit them all. So we are definitely excited to work way hard! And all is well - I won't get a hernia. Mom, remember that I lifted heavy things before my mission for fun? S and Frau B were both in Church this week again so I got to sit between two investigators again - it was awesome! This next week we are hoping that we can get even more investigators to come to church. It would be really cool if I could just start assigning members to friendship investigators.

We did not get to meet with the guy from NY yet. He was still in Spain when I called him last; he should be back this week, and I am thinking we will get the opportunity to teach them for sure. He said how much he wants us to come by and meet with his family when we met him, so we are excited. 

We did teach others as well. I had an exchange with Elder Albrecht (the new golden) and we went to Rottweil. We taught a potential named M, who is now a baptismal candidate and a new investigator! Yay! He agreed to be baptized on the 21st of September if he finds out that our religion is true by then. He really thinks that he can. Something cool about him is that when we were getting to know him and talking about what he likes to do, he said. “I am really interested in your religion; can you tell me more about Jesus now?” He is Muslim, but wants to be a Christian - so that's awesome! We also found 7 other people and gave out 5 Books of Mormon on our exchange, and we have various appointments throughout this week with these people. We have one appointment tonight, and we are also hoping to set a baptismal date!

We also got to go to Switzerland this week and visit a baptism for the Bad Säckingen Elders in our district. They do not have a font, so it was in a ward called the Pratteln ward. It was a really good service, and we are excited to have Frau B get baptized. The other elders, Elders Cavin and Albrecht, have a baptism this Sunday for their investigator whose name is J, and we are hoping Frau B will be there to watch it. 

I had a district assignment from Elder Cavin last week on a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants, Chapter 4. I talked on how the field is white and ready to harvest….or, "Das Feld ist schon weiß, zur Ernte bereit." And - how God is preparing people for us to baptize, and we are not just here to plant seeds. I talked about Jeremiah 16:16 as well. 

We have Zone Training and interviews this week, so it will be a busy one! We have Zone Training on Tuesday and interviews with President on Saturday. Fun! German is going great! I understand about everything, but sometimes I will ask about what a few words mean. But it is pretty dang easy to say what I need to say and tell stories all in German now. So all is good there.

That is really weird about 10 months now. Next transfer I will hit my year mark. The time just goes faster and faster!

I love you too, Mama! Thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are the best! Hope you have an excellent week.
Elder Ridd
Church in Villingen

Our new cuckoo clock, courtesy of Elder Ridd!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Service, Chocolate & Miracles! 8/4/14

Elder Ridd "dooring" the High Tower
High Tower
Sending off Elder Abd El Moeti (He's going home!)
District photo from the transfer

Hey Mama!
I am doing great this week! It has been a really good week and yeah, it has been pretty rainy. But all is well! The shoes are doing fine and so is the umbrella. And of course I am changing my socks every day, haha. (...in response to Mom's questions!). Elder Wilkins and I will be headed to Triberg today regardless of the weather. He really wants to see something cool, and hey - Triberg will be awesome in spite of rain!

Yesterday we met with Frau B! She was also at Church and the members talked to her for a loonnnng time. So that is way cool. She is already “in” with the ward and we had a really good lesson on top of that. She is still set on getting baptized, so no worries there. We went over the baptismal questions and she is really fine with all of them. We dropped the Pakistani guys, so we will not be headed back. And we did meet with S, and he was also in Church on Sunday. That was pretty cool! I sat in between two investigators - S was on my left, and Frau B was on my right. It was way cool to see them coming to church! And Herr K is doing awesome!

We were really busy this week, so these are really all the lessons that we taught besides lessons with Bruder Z. (We will also teach him later today). We helped a family move on Saturday. Elder Wilkins and I were there for 9 hours helping! At first there were tons of people helping and then they started leaving, so Elder Wilkins and I did tons. He is still sore from it. It was really good to get a decent workout in again. 

This week we found some really cool people, also. One of the biggest miracles this week was when we were on our way home and we were stopping by a store to pick up some chocolate for the new golden (brand new missionaries are called “goldens”) before he arrived with Elder Cavin. Usually we only go to one store, but we had the feeling we should go to a different one. So we did, and while we were picking out the chocolate, a random less-active member who just moved to the area from America came over to talk to us. He grew up in Utah and loves the Church, but he moved to New York and he wasn’t too into it. He is married to a German lady, who he met in New York, and they have a little baby. He talked to us for a long time and told us that he wants to come back to church with his family again. He gave us his number and we will call him on Thursday when he is back in town, and will set up an appointment to meet with his family and he will come to church! What a miracle! This guy is so cool!

We also worked in Rottweil and found tons of people there this week. So the work is going good; it was more of a finding week for us than teaching, but it was still a great week.

Elder Albrecht (the new golden missionary) is awesome! He is a way cool guy and fun to have in the apartment. He is from Missouri. Elder Wilkins is also doing great.... haha. He is so funny. I didn’t get to buy the soccer jersey--the new ones are not out yet, sadly. But I sent you something in the mail...so keep your eyes open! I actually got something in the mail yesterday that says I have to go turn in my Utah driver’s license. Sad!!!! 

Thanks for the quotes! And I think I am doing good on most everything! Thanks though. Love you tons, Mama! Thanks for all that you do for me! You the best! I'll definitely try to stay dry, haha. Thanks for the awesome email!
Elder Ridd
"Bro Night" with new apartment

Family S and Elder Ridd