Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Baptism! 8/18/14

Elder Ridd & J, on his Baptism Day!
Elders Cavin & Albrecht, along with new member,  J
A church in Trossingen...there are so many churches; I just take pictures of them all. Haha!

This last week has been really good but also pretty busy! But yeah - I am not sure how accurate the weather thing is because it really looks like it is going to rain today as well. Elder Cavin actually got sick last night, so we will probably have a pretty relaxed Pday. But dang, it looks like it is getting pretty cold! 

And the ties - haha, I like über skinny and moderately skinny. 

The week has been really good! We did have some success in teaching, but a lot of our appointments also fell out. But it was still a good week. Frau B is doing really well. We met with her on Saturday after interviews with President and had a really good lesson. We talked about temples and genealogy and it was way good. She also asked a little bit about the baptismal program. She is thinking about “who she wants to do what” on her big day. We got to teach I on Monday; he was one of the people whom Elder Albrecht and I found when we were on Aus Tausch. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date with him for the 21st of September! So that was also way cool! MH is doing well; he is still in Frankfurt. He sent us a message saying that he is doing good and he hopes that we are too. He said he was praying - so that was also way amazing! But S wasn’t at Church and he hasn’t had too much contact with us this week.  Right now we have 3 baptismal dates: Frau B on the 14th of September, and the other two on the 21st of September. If I get transferred, I will not get to come back and see them. I'd like to move Frau B's 1 week earlier; then I would still be here even if I am transferred.  We got to meet with Bruder Z again, the less active member who can’t come to church because of his sickness (but is way faithful). We are actually meeting with him again today! He is way cool!

We got to meet with I again this last week, so we met with him twice. He is doing really good and is praying - and yeah he is just a way cool guy who wants to come closer to God. He is from Gambia, is Muslim and is around 28 years old.

To answer Mom’s question - for dinner, we make a weekly plan and try to make a meal together at least once a day as an apartment. Last night we had lasagna, but it was just three of us, as Elder Cavin was sick. It was the first time we have homemade lasagna, but it turned out really good! We buy food as an apartment every week, so each of us buys one week of the month.

And yeah, Switzerland is way pretty. There is a different atmosphere when you cross the border, that is for sure - but they were preoccupied as we crossed the border in a member’s car so we didn’t get checked. When we take a train into Schaffhausen they never check you, but with a car it is different. 

The interview with President went really good. He is way cool and his family is also awesome. The Zone training went really well, too! It was a pretty busy week with meetings but it was still a good one! J had his baptism on Sunday and it was awesome! He is inviting us and the other 2 elders over to celebrate and to eat this week so that will be fun. E Cavin baptized him and then got kind of sick afterwards. Luckily he made it home. He is the District Leader, so he was supposed to make calls Sunday night and get numbers, but he gave me that assignment as he was way sick. So I got to make calls again last night and collect numbers. It was weird to do after it has been about a transfer and a half, haha.

I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Schaffenhausen, Switzerland - the goat thing is the Crest of the Canton in der Schweiz

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