Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inspiration & Sigmaringen Castle - 8/25/14

Sigmaringen - this cool castle is in the middle of the city!
Schloss Sigmaringen

German Weltmeister Jersey! 
Meine Liebe Mütter!
Hey! I am doing great! This last week was good! Not the best week we have had but it was still good. Thank you so much for the package! It was excellent and the pants fit really well! Everything was soooo good. Your packages are the best ever!

Quotes are always awesome! I actually have a little journal I keep with just really motivational things and quotes. So I think I got your obsession with quotes and things - haha.

The investigators are doing well! Frau B was in Church again and we didn’t really talk to her about her baptismal date yet. We will this week, when we go and teach her. She should have the program for her baptism written up by then and then if E Wilkins or I are doing anything important (which I think we will be), we will try to move it forward. S did not make it to church; I think we will stop meeting with him as contact is pretty hard to make. But “Ib” is doing well and MH is still in Frankfurt. He comes back this week! Bruder Z is doing really well! We need to schedule an appointment this week with him - he is way cool. I learn so much German when I go over there - it is really good for my German, as I get to practice it for about an hour of straight talking about different things.

We did a lot of finding this week, and taking turns staying home with Elder Cavin (E Cavin had a bad week and was sick). We wanted both of our Goldens to get some time on the street with each other, as it wouldn’t be good for E Albrecht to stay inside for a whole week at the beginning of his mission. So we did a few tausches, but it was a really good week!

Something way cool that happened this week was that we were just finishing studies, and we had an impression to go to the church and do emails - which is not what we had planned at all. So we went to the church and started emailing and then the church phone started ringing...I answered it and it was a German guy who has a Portuguese Mormon girlfriend. He said he’s interested in learning about the church but he was going to be away for 2 months. He asked if he could come pick up 3 Books of Mormon from the church before he left, so we said of course! He came and we met him and he took 3 books, and said he will 100 percent come to church when he gets back. It was wayyyy cool!! 

A really cool city that we got to proselyte in this week was Sigmaringen. It is a city with a way cool castle in the middle of it. I will send you some pics! For more info on this castle, click on this link: http://schloss-sigmaringen.de/

Thanks for all you do for me! That package was so awesome - thank you soooo much! Vielen Vielen Dank, es war so lieb von dir! You are the best and I miss ya! Mondays are for sure awesome because we get to write!
Love you tons!
Elder Ridd

Sunset from our apartment

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