Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Service, Chocolate & Miracles! 8/4/14

Elder Ridd "dooring" the High Tower
High Tower
Sending off Elder Abd El Moeti (He's going home!)
District photo from the transfer

Hey Mama!
I am doing great this week! It has been a really good week and yeah, it has been pretty rainy. But all is well! The shoes are doing fine and so is the umbrella. And of course I am changing my socks every day, haha. (...in response to Mom's questions!). Elder Wilkins and I will be headed to Triberg today regardless of the weather. He really wants to see something cool, and hey - Triberg will be awesome in spite of rain!

Yesterday we met with Frau B! She was also at Church and the members talked to her for a loonnnng time. So that is way cool. She is already “in” with the ward and we had a really good lesson on top of that. She is still set on getting baptized, so no worries there. We went over the baptismal questions and she is really fine with all of them. We dropped the Pakistani guys, so we will not be headed back. And we did meet with S, and he was also in Church on Sunday. That was pretty cool! I sat in between two investigators - S was on my left, and Frau B was on my right. It was way cool to see them coming to church! And Herr K is doing awesome!

We were really busy this week, so these are really all the lessons that we taught besides lessons with Bruder Z. (We will also teach him later today). We helped a family move on Saturday. Elder Wilkins and I were there for 9 hours helping! At first there were tons of people helping and then they started leaving, so Elder Wilkins and I did tons. He is still sore from it. It was really good to get a decent workout in again. 

This week we found some really cool people, also. One of the biggest miracles this week was when we were on our way home and we were stopping by a store to pick up some chocolate for the new golden (brand new missionaries are called “goldens”) before he arrived with Elder Cavin. Usually we only go to one store, but we had the feeling we should go to a different one. So we did, and while we were picking out the chocolate, a random less-active member who just moved to the area from America came over to talk to us. He grew up in Utah and loves the Church, but he moved to New York and he wasn’t too into it. He is married to a German lady, who he met in New York, and they have a little baby. He talked to us for a long time and told us that he wants to come back to church with his family again. He gave us his number and we will call him on Thursday when he is back in town, and will set up an appointment to meet with his family and he will come to church! What a miracle! This guy is so cool!

We also worked in Rottweil and found tons of people there this week. So the work is going good; it was more of a finding week for us than teaching, but it was still a great week.

Elder Albrecht (the new golden missionary) is awesome! He is a way cool guy and fun to have in the apartment. He is from Missouri. Elder Wilkins is also doing great.... haha. He is so funny. I didn’t get to buy the soccer jersey--the new ones are not out yet, sadly. But I sent you something in the mail...so keep your eyes open! I actually got something in the mail yesterday that says I have to go turn in my Utah driver’s license. Sad!!!! 

Thanks for the quotes! And I think I am doing good on most everything! Thanks though. Love you tons, Mama! Thanks for all that you do for me! You the best! I'll definitely try to stay dry, haha. Thanks for the awesome email!
Elder Ridd
"Bro Night" with new apartment

Family S and Elder Ridd


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