Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week of Service! 9/29/14

We went to the cool town of Burgberg and handed out flyers to promote a blood drive
for a member who has cancer.
Elder Ridd and Elder Albrecht
I am doing really well today! I had a really good week and today we are headed to Singen Hohenwiel, so we are doing something fun. The whole district is coming, as well as the Zone Leaders, so it will be a ton of fun! It is actually way nice out as well so we are way excited about it!

The missionary work is going well! This week we did a lot of service which was reallly cool. We helped an older lady named Schwester BS move firewood and put it in her shed. That was really fun, because we got to drive out to a small town in the middle of nowhere and then stack wood, and then we also ate with her and our Ward Mission Leader. 

The next day we were actually called up by another member, who said that their neighbors looked like they needed some help taking stones out of their driveway. So we went over and helped them de-stone their driveway. They are going to put other stones in as well but that was also a really good experience. The couple were way awesome and gave us some German pretzels afterwards! It was also a ton of fun. Another service we did was to go to a town called Burgberg (pic above) and hand out flyers to promote a blood drive for a member with cancer. 

We did teach a decent amount of lessons this week. We taught someone named A, who is really awesome. He is from Nigeria/America, and we will be meeting with him again this week. Something cool about A is that when we asked him if there was anyone that we could pray for for him, he said his dad, who passed away 4 months ago. After that we got to talk about the Plan of Salvation a little bit and then prayed for his dad. We will meet with him again this next week and talk more about the Plan of Salvation with him!

Schwester BK (our new convert and good friend) is doing amazing! She is seriously so strong in the church already and the ward loves her. We were meeting with her this week and we told her that she was a great example of charity, as she gives us special water and food every week to keep us healthy; and then she said that we showed her first what charity was, and that she was just following us. It was really amazing - Schwester BK is a legend!  (Click here to see this scripture on charity and the pure love of Christ ~ John 13:34-35). 

R is doing okay; we only got to meet with him once this week, and the contact has been a little difficult. But we will keep trying for sure!

But the week went really good. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well over back home! Sorry my email isnt longer, but we do not have too much time this week! I did get a little package from Elder Albrecht's mom. It was really great - lots of fun things, candy & a challenge coin (an Army thing). And Dad, that is a really good passage! (in As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen). I like this one as well- "Not what a man wishes and prays for does a man receive, but what he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions."

I love you! You the best! Thanks for all you do and your wonderful emails!
Elder Ridd
A pic taken from the car
Elder Wilkins and Elder Cavin -
Eating dinner at the home of  Schwester BS

Monday, September 22, 2014

Confirmation & Spontaneous Sacrament Talk - 9/22/14

Totally pet a German goat this week
Pretty cool German house
I am doing really well! My week was good and church was also really good. Frau B did come and she is now Schwester B! She was confirmed by the Branch President in church yesterday, which was awesome to see! I got to stand in the circle while she was confirmed. It was a way cool experience. Then they asked me to give a 10 minute Sacrament talk with a 1 minute notice, hahaha. I totally winged it, but I think it went really well. I talked about Ether 12:27; and also how the Lord helped me learn the language, and then I bore my testimony. And you are sooooo funny about the journal, haha. I do write in it, but not every day. I need to work on being better - thanks for the reminder. 

R didn’t make it to church today. He had to go to Stuttgart with a friend to see if he could get a job there. Pretty sad, but he might be moving there. I guess I shouldn’t be sad, as he can still meet with the missionaries there and get baptized. He might still stay here though! I think he will find out today. We got to meet with him twice this last week and it is going really well. He is a way cool guy, that is for sure!

This last week was good! I went on tausch with Elder Cavin on Wednesday and we got to meet with a less active member in his area. It was a good exchange and it is always fun to work with Elder Cavin. Pretty weird that after this transfer we will have been in the same area and apartment for 6 months! We have become really good friends so I have been loving it! 

The car is repaired so that is great. No worries, Mama, we got that all taken care of!

Herr K will be staying here and working in Tuttlingen instead of moving! Yay! I hope we can set a baptismal date with him! I have seen the Chinese potentials, but sadly we haven’t really had time to meet with them. We have been pretty busy going to other appointments that have fallen out, sadly! Hey, but this week will be better, so no worries! And we keep everything organized by having them in our daily planner, area book, and progress records. So we keep a lot of information.

This week Elder Albrecht got a little sick on a day that we were doing service. So we did another tausch, and I stayed home with Elder Albrecht while I did area book work, which was good because I needed to organize it a little better - while Elder Wilkins and Elder Cavin headed over to Family D (a family in our ward) and helped them paint and sand a shed. Sadly, we did not get to teach German this week! Oh well, this next week, hopefully! 

We ate at Familie Z this last week on Wednesday. It was really good and Elder Cavin and I shared a spiritual thought about faith and obedience. We really love the Z family. They fed us knödel and also fleisch (meat). We get fed once or twice a week usually. Unless someone is transferred, then almost every day.

I am way excited for General Conference! It is coming so fast it’s awesome. I wonder if there will be any more big announcements! Or new temples! All the missionaries are like wayyyy excited. I am also excited that Frau B will get to be there.
Click here to find out how to watch General Conference - October 4 & 5, 2014

Today we'll go buy Elder Wilkins some clothes for the winter.  He has been borrowing one of my jackets, as it's become pretty cold!

Thanks always for the amazing emails! Thanks for the quotes as well; they are always good ones for my quote book.  I hope that you have an amazing week and let me know if you need or want anything from Germany! I have the best family ever!
Love you tons,
Elder Ridd

Monday, September 15, 2014

Die Taufe! (Frau B's Baptism!) - 9/15/14

Die Taufe! (Frau B's baptism!)
The Chinese Crew! 
District Photo

Hey Mama!
I am doing great this week. How are you? Frau B did get baptized and it was amazing! She is so great and we are convinced that she will get a stake calling eventually. The service went really well. I gave the opening prayer, and was also one of the witnesses that the baptism happened. There were refreshments and the ward was so awesome. She got so many gifts and stuff. None of her relatives came, but the whole ward was there to support her so that was just amazing. There is always an amazing turnout to baptisms here, so that is always good!.

The rest of the week was really good! Today we helped R move all her stuff from her old house, so we basically did that for Pday - haha. It was really good and we love R, so that was no problem. She also made us some amazing Hawaiian food afterwards! The rest of the day will be mainly cleaning and getting ready for the week. 

Church was really good. We had R, our new investigator from Spain, show up. He now has a baptismal date - yay! He is awesome. We got to meet with him 3 times this last week and he is so golden! He will do whatever it takes to follow God and get baptised into our church. In the first lesson he said that he felt so happy because he knew that we were teaching the word of God. We helped him recognize that that was the Spirit and from then on everything has just been great. He didn't get to make it to Frau B's baptism, but he really wanted to. His date is near the beginning of October, so in a few weeks we will hopefully baptise him as well. He came from Spain, but he came alone.

And Elder Requillart has huge blisters on his feet and got sent to the office this transfer because of that. He will hopefully heal there and come back sometime in this transfer. He could hardly walk when he was here.

And we are meeting with "Ib" still, but we postponed his baptisimal date way later as it will take him awhile until he understands really what we are saying. There is a slight language barrier there. But he is a good guy. 

We have a ton of investigators! This week we are actually so busy with set appointments and meetings (with members, doing service, and district meetings) that we cannot meet with all of them! The Lord is blessing Elder Wilkins and me tons; it is awesome. We found tons of people last week as well. Schwenningen 1 is just booming. 

So about Herr K - he got a job and is moving to Frankfurt! Sad! But we will be meeting with him one last time this next week and we will give him to the Elders up there for sure. We are teaching R (from Spain) German.  We also met an awesome group of Chinese people who want us to teach them German and also about the gospel - AND they want to cook us Chinese food. So we need to start teaching the class sometime soon. Maybe we will just teach them lessons and afterwards teach them German.

I will tell you more about the Chinese people! So Elder WIlkins and I had a few appointments in Rottweil, and as we were headed there, we ran into this group of four Chinese people! They looked liked they needed help buying a ticket so we showed them how to do it and such, and then we got talking to them and they are on foreign exchange right now for 6 months. They were headed to Rottweil as well, so they followed us so that they didn't get lost in Germany. When in Rottweil, we said goodbye and then we went and taught our lessons. Afterwards we were contacting and we saw them again in a cafe and they waved us over to them. They then offered to buy us a drink and eat with them, and we took the offer and they bought us water. We chatted for awhile and then left together to catch our train. It was way cool! Eventually they asked us if we could meet up and teach them German and more about our church. They also asked to take a picture with me! They are way awesome! 

My health is good. Besides eating - they eat too much here. I need to do more exercise  and eat less. I am doing pushups and pullups. I will start running with 6 months left on the mission. 

We did have a few eating appointments. We ate with family J, who all speak English, and the other elders taught J (their new convert) a lesson. That was a ton of fun and went really well! 

That is awesome about the less-active story. It is amazing what Visiting and Home Teachers can do for someone. And now she has a family that she is raising in the gospel. What an awesome story!

Elder Wilkins is doing good!  We get along great so that is good. The other elders are also doing well. After this change we have a lot of different missionaries in our District. We haven't had a District meeting yet, but Sister Metzig in Schaffhausen got a golden. There is also a new elder in Schaffhausen, and also a new elder in Bad Säkingen. So Schwenningen is the only thing that stayed the same. We have District meeting on Tuesday, which reminds me - we had Zone Training last Tuesday and that was really good. Elder Wilkins and I were asked to talk about obedience and teach the Zone about it. So we did and it went really well! We were excited about that. 

Thanks for all that you do! We are so thankful for you! Thanks for all your support and I will continue to pray for you all! Love you tons and have an amazing week. 
Elder Ridd
Elder Ridd and the Sister Training Leaders - Sister Packer & Sister Hemmi
Sister Kutchke and Elder Ridd
(She was in Tübingen for my 1st transfer and we were both goldens! She is now in my zone after being in Munich) 
Elder Sardoni, before he left the Zone.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Everyone Stays Put!" - 9/8/14

Elder Ridd and Elder Wilkins at Triberg Falls
Elder Ridd and Elder Albrecht
Elder Pyle, Elder Requillart and Elder Ridd - together for the Super Tausch
Hey Mama! 
I am doing awesome! This week was a really good one, that is for sure. And with transfers...I will be staying my 4th transfer in Schwenningen and my third with my “son,” Elder Wilkins! So that will be really cool. I am glad that I can get another good amount of time in this area. Elder Cavin and Elder Albrecht will also be staying, which I am also really glad about. I love our apartment right now; everyone is just so awesome! This means most likely (95%) that I will leave next transfer. 

All the investigators are doing wonderful! Frau B is better than ever! She loved church this week. She cried throughout the testimony meeting because she was feeling the Spirit. We have her baptismal program all done and we had her try on baptismal clothes, and she had her interview for baptism as well.  Everything is going forward smoothly! We are way excited that we will be able to see it! I am saying the opening prayer, and a member who comes with us when we teach her will be baptizing her! Way cool!

This week we met with Herr K again, and that went well. We actually had a Super Tausch, so there were 8 Elders working in Schwenningen for two days this last week. I got to work with Elder Requillart and Elder Pyle. Elder Requillart is the French elder; his friend (Elder Neville) served in our ward in Texas; and Elder Pyle is my buddy from the MTC. So on Thursday, Elder Requillart and I taught Herr K, and it went well. We are still working on his concern with praying but we had a powerful lesson. I was pretty bold in the lesson, and made sure he knew that we were there to talk about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, meaning the Book of Mormon and not only the Bible. (He keeps trying to only read out of the Bible). But it went really well and I think he understands a lot better now. We also met with our other investigators again, while we were in the area. They are doing well and Elder Requillart and I taught them about prayer.

On Friday I was on Tausch with Elder Pyle and we got to go pick up my German drivers license in the morning, which was awesome! I am way glad that I got to get it. Then we traveled to Rottweil and contacted and found 6 people.  We also taught a lesson to “Ib.” So everything went really well on the Super Tausch!

We also had some pretty cool eating appointments this last week. We ate with J again (the other elders’ new convert) on Monday, and then we also ate with Schwester M this last Saturday, which was tons of fun. She is so funny!

Someone cool we found in church this week was R. We are not sure if he is a member yet, but he came with a less active member who came up to me and told me that he was from Spain, so I sat next to him through Church and translated. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday, where we will teach him German and see what his status is. If he isn’t a member, he will for sure get baptized. He is wayyy cool!

We actually made it to Triberg last week on P-day, but we didn’t get to see the biggest cuckoo clock in the world. We didn’t have time to catch a bus there, so we showed our Goldens the waterfalls and stuff. We still had a blast there!

All the elders in the apartment are doing awesome! We are excited to start another transfer and make it a wayyy good one. Thanks for the amazing quotes and the great email! Love you tons, and have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Our eating appointment at Schwester M's. I am eating something called Baches, which is from Bayern,
and is eggs and potatoes together somehow!

Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd

Monday, September 1, 2014

Great Week! New Investigators, Zucchini Schnitzel & Fußball - 9/1/14

Frau B, along with Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd. She will be baptized on September 14th!
She made them a delicious Zucchini Schnitzel (see below).

Newest baptized member, age 8!  So sweet. 
The crew! L-R: Elders Albrecht, Cavin, Ridd & Wilkins
This week was really good! I hope that you had a great week as well! I am healthy and happy! Elder Cavin is doing well and I got to go to the doctor with him this last week and all is okay! He had a stomach bug, but he got some medicine and he is back to the work this week so all is well. I am doing good health-wise! So no worries there.

The week has been good. We taught a lot of lessons and found a few cool people! And yeah, what the heck - it is already September. I feel like it was just Valentine's Day... haha. Time sure flies, but that is cool that you have a holiday already. Yeah, everyone in Germany is still working. Church was really good. No investigators showed up, as Frau B was traveling with her sister. But she will be there next week, and then the week after is her baptism. Exciting! I did not have a talk or a lesson at church, but E Wilkins had a talk in Sacrament meeting and he did really well! Church for us starts at 9am. We start with Priesthood and Relief Society for first hour. We usually announce in both the things that we did throughout the week. And then the second hour is Sunday School. Sometimes we teach investigators, or we attend class. Then the third hour is Sacrament Meeting, where sometimes we have TürDienst, or door service - meaning we stand by the doors like the teachers do, or we bless or pass the Sacrament, or sit with investigators. After church we usually stay for another hour talking with the members and seeing if they need any help with anything throughout the week. So church is a great experience. We are also usually 30 minutes early to church. So usually Church is around a 5-hour deal. 

The weather here has been pretty overcast and a little chilly. Not too bad! Today we are headed over to Triberg with the whole apartment, so we are going with the gang of 4. That should be fun. This time we want to visit the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, so that will also be pretty legit! Then afterwards we will visit J, the other elders’ new convert, and have dinner and a family home evening. So we are way excited!

Frau B is still deciding on her baptismal program. I will call her tonight and make sure she’s working on it and thinking about things. She is way solid on her testimony. She will be baptized on the 14th. Her interview is this next Sunday after Church, so all is moving forward with her. We find out this Saturday about the transfers, so that will be cool. A lot of people think I am leaving. But hey, I think its about 50/50. Transfers are the 11th. “Ib” is doing well. We met with him this week but we moved his date 1 month back. He isn’t quite ready yet, but he is doing well. MH is still in Frankfurt, meaning we will move his date for sure as well. We haven’t had contact with S. Sad! But I hear from Doctor S here and there!

We found a guy from Sri Lanka. He is really cool and pretty interested, so we are excited about him.  We gave him a lesson too! We are going to start teaching the German language to some investigators as well. Bruder Z is doing good! It is always fun when we visit him!  

We had an awesome eating appointment this week! Actually we had a few. We ate with Frau B after our appointment with her and I will send some pics! We made Zucchini Schnitzel with her. I will show you what that is. Haha, apparently it’s way healthy, because she won’t even look at a food if it isn’t healthy. 

Then we also ate with Family S - they are a family in our ward that has like 12 kids - haha.  J had his 16th birthday, so we went and played football (USA translation: soccer) with them on Wednesday and we also ate there. It was wayyyy good - we had chili. J and I were on a team when we played soccer and guess what? We ended up winning. So my soccer ability is improving - hahaha.

Thanks for everything Mama! I love you too and hope that you have an amazing week as well. You da best! :)
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd
Frau B, preparing Zucchini Schnitzel
Yumm! We are so grateful for the sweet friends who take care of our missionary!!
Thank you, Frau B! (Elder Ridd's companion, Elder Wilkins, is on her right).