Monday, September 22, 2014

Confirmation & Spontaneous Sacrament Talk - 9/22/14

Totally pet a German goat this week
Pretty cool German house
I am doing really well! My week was good and church was also really good. Frau B did come and she is now Schwester B! She was confirmed by the Branch President in church yesterday, which was awesome to see! I got to stand in the circle while she was confirmed. It was a way cool experience. Then they asked me to give a 10 minute Sacrament talk with a 1 minute notice, hahaha. I totally winged it, but I think it went really well. I talked about Ether 12:27; and also how the Lord helped me learn the language, and then I bore my testimony. And you are sooooo funny about the journal, haha. I do write in it, but not every day. I need to work on being better - thanks for the reminder. 

R didn’t make it to church today. He had to go to Stuttgart with a friend to see if he could get a job there. Pretty sad, but he might be moving there. I guess I shouldn’t be sad, as he can still meet with the missionaries there and get baptized. He might still stay here though! I think he will find out today. We got to meet with him twice this last week and it is going really well. He is a way cool guy, that is for sure!

This last week was good! I went on tausch with Elder Cavin on Wednesday and we got to meet with a less active member in his area. It was a good exchange and it is always fun to work with Elder Cavin. Pretty weird that after this transfer we will have been in the same area and apartment for 6 months! We have become really good friends so I have been loving it! 

The car is repaired so that is great. No worries, Mama, we got that all taken care of!

Herr K will be staying here and working in Tuttlingen instead of moving! Yay! I hope we can set a baptismal date with him! I have seen the Chinese potentials, but sadly we haven’t really had time to meet with them. We have been pretty busy going to other appointments that have fallen out, sadly! Hey, but this week will be better, so no worries! And we keep everything organized by having them in our daily planner, area book, and progress records. So we keep a lot of information.

This week Elder Albrecht got a little sick on a day that we were doing service. So we did another tausch, and I stayed home with Elder Albrecht while I did area book work, which was good because I needed to organize it a little better - while Elder Wilkins and Elder Cavin headed over to Family D (a family in our ward) and helped them paint and sand a shed. Sadly, we did not get to teach German this week! Oh well, this next week, hopefully! 

We ate at Familie Z this last week on Wednesday. It was really good and Elder Cavin and I shared a spiritual thought about faith and obedience. We really love the Z family. They fed us knödel and also fleisch (meat). We get fed once or twice a week usually. Unless someone is transferred, then almost every day.

I am way excited for General Conference! It is coming so fast it’s awesome. I wonder if there will be any more big announcements! Or new temples! All the missionaries are like wayyyy excited. I am also excited that Frau B will get to be there.
Click here to find out how to watch General Conference - October 4 & 5, 2014

Today we'll go buy Elder Wilkins some clothes for the winter.  He has been borrowing one of my jackets, as it's become pretty cold!

Thanks always for the amazing emails! Thanks for the quotes as well; they are always good ones for my quote book.  I hope that you have an amazing week and let me know if you need or want anything from Germany! I have the best family ever!
Love you tons,
Elder Ridd

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