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Die Taufe! (Frau B's Baptism!) - 9/15/14

Die Taufe! (Frau B's baptism!)
The Chinese Crew! 
District Photo

Hey Mama!
I am doing great this week. How are you? Frau B did get baptized and it was amazing! She is so great and we are convinced that she will get a stake calling eventually. The service went really well. I gave the opening prayer, and was also one of the witnesses that the baptism happened. There were refreshments and the ward was so awesome. She got so many gifts and stuff. None of her relatives came, but the whole ward was there to support her so that was just amazing. There is always an amazing turnout to baptisms here, so that is always good!.

The rest of the week was really good! Today we helped R move all her stuff from her old house, so we basically did that for Pday - haha. It was really good and we love R, so that was no problem. She also made us some amazing Hawaiian food afterwards! The rest of the day will be mainly cleaning and getting ready for the week. 

Church was really good. We had R, our new investigator from Spain, show up. He now has a baptismal date - yay! He is awesome. We got to meet with him 3 times this last week and he is so golden! He will do whatever it takes to follow God and get baptised into our church. In the first lesson he said that he felt so happy because he knew that we were teaching the word of God. We helped him recognize that that was the Spirit and from then on everything has just been great. He didn't get to make it to Frau B's baptism, but he really wanted to. His date is near the beginning of October, so in a few weeks we will hopefully baptise him as well. He came from Spain, but he came alone.

And Elder Requillart has huge blisters on his feet and got sent to the office this transfer because of that. He will hopefully heal there and come back sometime in this transfer. He could hardly walk when he was here.

And we are meeting with "Ib" still, but we postponed his baptisimal date way later as it will take him awhile until he understands really what we are saying. There is a slight language barrier there. But he is a good guy. 

We have a ton of investigators! This week we are actually so busy with set appointments and meetings (with members, doing service, and district meetings) that we cannot meet with all of them! The Lord is blessing Elder Wilkins and me tons; it is awesome. We found tons of people last week as well. Schwenningen 1 is just booming. 

So about Herr K - he got a job and is moving to Frankfurt! Sad! But we will be meeting with him one last time this next week and we will give him to the Elders up there for sure. We are teaching R (from Spain) German.  We also met an awesome group of Chinese people who want us to teach them German and also about the gospel - AND they want to cook us Chinese food. So we need to start teaching the class sometime soon. Maybe we will just teach them lessons and afterwards teach them German.

I will tell you more about the Chinese people! So Elder WIlkins and I had a few appointments in Rottweil, and as we were headed there, we ran into this group of four Chinese people! They looked liked they needed help buying a ticket so we showed them how to do it and such, and then we got talking to them and they are on foreign exchange right now for 6 months. They were headed to Rottweil as well, so they followed us so that they didn't get lost in Germany. When in Rottweil, we said goodbye and then we went and taught our lessons. Afterwards we were contacting and we saw them again in a cafe and they waved us over to them. They then offered to buy us a drink and eat with them, and we took the offer and they bought us water. We chatted for awhile and then left together to catch our train. It was way cool! Eventually they asked us if we could meet up and teach them German and more about our church. They also asked to take a picture with me! They are way awesome! 

My health is good. Besides eating - they eat too much here. I need to do more exercise  and eat less. I am doing pushups and pullups. I will start running with 6 months left on the mission. 

We did have a few eating appointments. We ate with family J, who all speak English, and the other elders taught J (their new convert) a lesson. That was a ton of fun and went really well! 

That is awesome about the less-active story. It is amazing what Visiting and Home Teachers can do for someone. And now she has a family that she is raising in the gospel. What an awesome story!

Elder Wilkins is doing good!  We get along great so that is good. The other elders are also doing well. After this change we have a lot of different missionaries in our District. We haven't had a District meeting yet, but Sister Metzig in Schaffhausen got a golden. There is also a new elder in Schaffhausen, and also a new elder in Bad Säkingen. So Schwenningen is the only thing that stayed the same. We have District meeting on Tuesday, which reminds me - we had Zone Training last Tuesday and that was really good. Elder Wilkins and I were asked to talk about obedience and teach the Zone about it. So we did and it went really well! We were excited about that. 

Thanks for all that you do! We are so thankful for you! Thanks for all your support and I will continue to pray for you all! Love you tons and have an amazing week. 
Elder Ridd
Elder Ridd and the Sister Training Leaders - Sister Packer & Sister Hemmi
Sister Kutchke and Elder Ridd
(She was in Tübingen for my 1st transfer and we were both goldens! She is now in my zone after being in Munich) 
Elder Sardoni, before he left the Zone.

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