Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Everyone Stays Put!" - 9/8/14

Elder Ridd and Elder Wilkins at Triberg Falls
Elder Ridd and Elder Albrecht
Elder Pyle, Elder Requillart and Elder Ridd - together for the Super Tausch
Hey Mama! 
I am doing awesome! This week was a really good one, that is for sure. And with transfers...I will be staying my 4th transfer in Schwenningen and my third with my “son,” Elder Wilkins! So that will be really cool. I am glad that I can get another good amount of time in this area. Elder Cavin and Elder Albrecht will also be staying, which I am also really glad about. I love our apartment right now; everyone is just so awesome! This means most likely (95%) that I will leave next transfer. 

All the investigators are doing wonderful! Frau B is better than ever! She loved church this week. She cried throughout the testimony meeting because she was feeling the Spirit. We have her baptismal program all done and we had her try on baptismal clothes, and she had her interview for baptism as well.  Everything is going forward smoothly! We are way excited that we will be able to see it! I am saying the opening prayer, and a member who comes with us when we teach her will be baptizing her! Way cool!

This week we met with Herr K again, and that went well. We actually had a Super Tausch, so there were 8 Elders working in Schwenningen for two days this last week. I got to work with Elder Requillart and Elder Pyle. Elder Requillart is the French elder; his friend (Elder Neville) served in our ward in Texas; and Elder Pyle is my buddy from the MTC. So on Thursday, Elder Requillart and I taught Herr K, and it went well. We are still working on his concern with praying but we had a powerful lesson. I was pretty bold in the lesson, and made sure he knew that we were there to talk about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, meaning the Book of Mormon and not only the Bible. (He keeps trying to only read out of the Bible). But it went really well and I think he understands a lot better now. We also met with our other investigators again, while we were in the area. They are doing well and Elder Requillart and I taught them about prayer.

On Friday I was on Tausch with Elder Pyle and we got to go pick up my German drivers license in the morning, which was awesome! I am way glad that I got to get it. Then we traveled to Rottweil and contacted and found 6 people.  We also taught a lesson to “Ib.” So everything went really well on the Super Tausch!

We also had some pretty cool eating appointments this last week. We ate with J again (the other elders’ new convert) on Monday, and then we also ate with Schwester M this last Saturday, which was tons of fun. She is so funny!

Someone cool we found in church this week was R. We are not sure if he is a member yet, but he came with a less active member who came up to me and told me that he was from Spain, so I sat next to him through Church and translated. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday, where we will teach him German and see what his status is. If he isn’t a member, he will for sure get baptized. He is wayyy cool!

We actually made it to Triberg last week on P-day, but we didn’t get to see the biggest cuckoo clock in the world. We didn’t have time to catch a bus there, so we showed our Goldens the waterfalls and stuff. We still had a blast there!

All the elders in the apartment are doing awesome! We are excited to start another transfer and make it a wayyy good one. Thanks for the amazing quotes and the great email! Love you tons, and have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Our eating appointment at Schwester M's. I am eating something called Baches, which is from Bayern,
and is eggs and potatoes together somehow!

Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd

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