Monday, September 1, 2014

Great Week! New Investigators, Zucchini Schnitzel & Fußball - 9/1/14

Frau B, along with Elder Cavin & Elder Ridd. She will be baptized on September 14th!
She made them a delicious Zucchini Schnitzel (see below).

Newest baptized member, age 8!  So sweet. 
The crew! L-R: Elders Albrecht, Cavin, Ridd & Wilkins
This week was really good! I hope that you had a great week as well! I am healthy and happy! Elder Cavin is doing well and I got to go to the doctor with him this last week and all is okay! He had a stomach bug, but he got some medicine and he is back to the work this week so all is well. I am doing good health-wise! So no worries there.

The week has been good. We taught a lot of lessons and found a few cool people! And yeah, what the heck - it is already September. I feel like it was just Valentine's Day... haha. Time sure flies, but that is cool that you have a holiday already. Yeah, everyone in Germany is still working. Church was really good. No investigators showed up, as Frau B was traveling with her sister. But she will be there next week, and then the week after is her baptism. Exciting! I did not have a talk or a lesson at church, but E Wilkins had a talk in Sacrament meeting and he did really well! Church for us starts at 9am. We start with Priesthood and Relief Society for first hour. We usually announce in both the things that we did throughout the week. And then the second hour is Sunday School. Sometimes we teach investigators, or we attend class. Then the third hour is Sacrament Meeting, where sometimes we have TürDienst, or door service - meaning we stand by the doors like the teachers do, or we bless or pass the Sacrament, or sit with investigators. After church we usually stay for another hour talking with the members and seeing if they need any help with anything throughout the week. So church is a great experience. We are also usually 30 minutes early to church. So usually Church is around a 5-hour deal. 

The weather here has been pretty overcast and a little chilly. Not too bad! Today we are headed over to Triberg with the whole apartment, so we are going with the gang of 4. That should be fun. This time we want to visit the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, so that will also be pretty legit! Then afterwards we will visit J, the other elders’ new convert, and have dinner and a family home evening. So we are way excited!

Frau B is still deciding on her baptismal program. I will call her tonight and make sure she’s working on it and thinking about things. She is way solid on her testimony. She will be baptized on the 14th. Her interview is this next Sunday after Church, so all is moving forward with her. We find out this Saturday about the transfers, so that will be cool. A lot of people think I am leaving. But hey, I think its about 50/50. Transfers are the 11th. “Ib” is doing well. We met with him this week but we moved his date 1 month back. He isn’t quite ready yet, but he is doing well. MH is still in Frankfurt, meaning we will move his date for sure as well. We haven’t had contact with S. Sad! But I hear from Doctor S here and there!

We found a guy from Sri Lanka. He is really cool and pretty interested, so we are excited about him.  We gave him a lesson too! We are going to start teaching the German language to some investigators as well. Bruder Z is doing good! It is always fun when we visit him!  

We had an awesome eating appointment this week! Actually we had a few. We ate with Frau B after our appointment with her and I will send some pics! We made Zucchini Schnitzel with her. I will show you what that is. Haha, apparently it’s way healthy, because she won’t even look at a food if it isn’t healthy. 

Then we also ate with Family S - they are a family in our ward that has like 12 kids - haha.  J had his 16th birthday, so we went and played football (USA translation: soccer) with them on Wednesday and we also ate there. It was wayyyy good - we had chili. J and I were on a team when we played soccer and guess what? We ended up winning. So my soccer ability is improving - hahaha.

Thanks for everything Mama! I love you too and hope that you have an amazing week as well. You da best! :)
Mit Liebe,
Elder Ridd
Frau B, preparing Zucchini Schnitzel
Yumm! We are so grateful for the sweet friends who take care of our missionary!!
Thank you, Frau B! (Elder Ridd's companion, Elder Wilkins, is on her right).

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