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So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye! 10/27/14

Elder Ridd with part of the Familie Z - President Z, F and A
Elder Ridd with the Familie S
Familie G and Elder Ridd 
With Schwester B, the legend! 
Rocking the cardigan and Elder Albrecht's specs!
Hallo Mutter! 
Ich hoffe das du diese letze Woche schön gefunden hast! (I hope that this last week was nice!)

Sooo - I finally get to head over to the wonderful country of Austria! I am going to an area that is called Neumarkt am Wallersee. It has a car, and I will be serving with Elder Brian Evans from Tempe, Arizona. He is one transfer younger than I am. I heard that the ward is awesome, and I will be serving as DL again. But that isn't the best news...the best news is that Elder Cavin will be in my district in Salzburg, serving as the Zone Leader! That is so awesome. That means that I will see him once a week or maybe a little more, and that I get to call him all the time. We are both really excited about that. We will also get to tausch with one another! Elder Badders will be in the zone, as well as Elder Holm, who was my companion in the MTC. So I am excited to see them again! 

From Mom - here's some info on the area! 

This last week we were at member after member's homes, saying goodbye to everyone. As of now I have most of my things packed away. So that is good that I have time to say goodbye and do not have to stay up to 6 in the morning packing - haha. We leave tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7. On Wednesday I have my first District meeting with my new district, so I think I will be in Salzburg for that. I am pretty excited! I will be going on a train to Stuttgart with Elder Cavin, where we meet more missionaries there and take another train to Munich, meet more missionaries and then off to Salzburg, then off to Neumarkt. So I will be going on quite a ride tomorrow. 

Of course I will take tons of photos. Salzburg is a beautiful place. I've also heard that Adolf Hitler was born in my area, a little outside of Neumarkt - interesting stuff. And I guess it's where The Sound of Music was filmed. I will also send my address when I know it! And of course I will be careful driving. I can't wait to drive again! Elder Cavin goes home in May, so he has a good 7 months before he is gone. 

The missionary work is okay. There wasn't much of it this week due to appointments. We met with Bruder Z twice (two lessons); and Schwester B twice (two Neubekehrt lessons). Saying goodbye to Schwester B was hard! She gave us books on health and wrote in them to us, saying she will never forget us and she wants us to write every week. The members fed us lots this week; I feel like I gained 10 pounds this week alone.

On Monday we were at Familie SCH and played soccer. That was a ton of fun!
And then on Tuesday we had District meeting and it was also good. We ate lunch with the district and I talked about obedience. We met with Bruder Z as well as Schwester B on Wednesday. That was really great. Bruder Z asked us to come by once again during the week to say goodbye officially and he wanted to know where I was headed. So we went by on Friday as well. On Thursday we recieved transfer calls. That was pretty crazy news! We also were at J's (our new convert's) on Thursday and he made us curry. It was really good and he wasn't too happy that we are headed out to Austria. But he will be fine! Then on Friday we met with Bruder Z again and we were also at Familie S. They made us lunch, which was really good! 

We went to the Z family's home on Saturday. We ate lunch with them and talked a lot and is was great, as always. In the evening were were at Sister M's again and we ate Zwetsche Knödel. It was a ton of fun. 

On Sunday we had church. We watched the General Conference session that we missed, and Elder Cavin and I bore our testimonies. Afterwards we headed to the G family home, ate with them and said goodbye. Right after this, we headed to the Familie B and drank root beer floats - which are rare over here - and then we headed to a concert at a Catholic church that one of the boys of the SCH family was playing the harp for. It was really good, and the theme was Daniel and the Lion's Den. They also sang a Michael Jackson song at the end that was interesting. Something about healing the world - haha.

And then today we have a lot of final goodbyes to say - it's pretty crazy. Basically that's what's going on here, along with getting ready to head to a different country tomorrow! All is well. Thanks for everything. I hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Ridd

Elder Ridd & Elder Albrecht
Elder Ridd is still attached to the onesie sleeper which Elder Stilger's folks gave him for Christmas last year! 

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