Monday, October 20, 2014

Train Strike Hinders Progress - 10/20/14

Elder Ridd - celebrating his 1-year mark! 
Liebe Mutter und Vater! 
Yay, it's Monday again! Yeah, it is pretty weird that I am over a year old now. I am now OLD! On the anniversary I burned a shirt and ate the cake, so it was a really good day! It tasted excellent - thanks so much. That was the coolest surprise ever! It was big enough for all of us to have multiple pieces. And I did put a candle in the cake - I will send you a picture. It was really fun. Hahaha, that is so awesome that you also celebrated my 1 year mark over there. Looks like some German food - haha. 

I had a great week. We had a lot of good experiences with members. We got to teach them a lot and create stronger bonds between the missionaries and the members. That was one of the things that we did the most this week which was really awesome. Today we are headed to the giant cuckoo clock in Triberg. Elder Cavin really wants to go to the clock before we get transferred. The weather is looking really nice today. Afterwards we have an eating/football appointment with the "S" family. They think Elder Cavin and I are leaving so we are booked on appointments with members this whole next week. Haha.

Alright, Mama! That is awesome that you went on a JT with the sister missionaries. Look at you! I am sure that you helped so much in that lesson. Having a member there is always amazing and can help so much. Thanks for helping the missionaries out! I am sure they are really grateful for you being there and sharing your testimony! Sounds like our sisters are trying to get something good going in The Woodlands! 

The work has been pretty good. This week we taught a lot of members. On Monday we were at family G and it was really good. They made chili that tasted amazing and we always have a laugh when we go over there. They made another appointment for the Sunday before transfers with us as well, so that will be fun to go over there this Sunday. 

On Tuesday we went to Rottweil and met with A. He is doing pretty well, still pretty hard with the language barrier but all is good with him. We also met with Schwester S and gave her a Preach My Gospel lesson. Wednesday was the birthday for twin brothers in our ward who live in Schwenningen and go to the Uni there. Schwester BK made them a cake and we brought it by and celebrated a little bit. It was good! It was great that we could go by and spend some time with them on their birthday.

We met with Bruder Z on Thursday! He is doing really well and he doesn't want us to get transferred. He said we would have to call him before we leave, but we told him we would come by for sure before one of us left, so we made another appointment with him. Then we had Ward Council on Thursday night which Elder Wilkins and I attended. It was good! We had weekly planning on Friday as well as met with Schwester BK again. She is doing really well and is sad that a few of us might be leaving. But we exchanged all our information and of course set up another appointment for this week.

There were a lot of train strikes this week and it was hard to travel around to appointments. So we met with a lot of members and did a decent amount of finding.  

I love you tons! Thanks for the quotes, pictures and the amazing letters! I hope you have a wonderful week.
Elder Ridd

PS - Just got an email. Transfer calls are now on Thursday morning, not Wednesday. So I guess it will be one extra day till I find out what happens.
Rocking the 'staches! Boy, some of them look quite German!
Elders Wilkins, Cavin, Albrecht &  Ridd 

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