Monday, November 10, 2014

Discovering Austria - 11/10/14

Eating a cinnamon roll walnut pastry that our investigators made for us
Elder Cavin in Austria!
Making calls
The son of our investigators!
Mama and Pops!
I am doing amazing! How are you? Yeah it is crazy, but another week is gone and in the books! My week was really good. We were really busy which made it fly by! Church was awesome today, and we taught our investigator class second hour, as HT came to all 3 hours. We had 3 investigators attend Sacrament: HT, P, and HY. So that was awesome! I feel way more settled than last week which is great. The first week is always a little foreign and weird, but once you get used to the new area and the new comp everything is great. I am getting to know a ton of the members. They are all so amazing. 

My companion is really cool! We are getting along more and more the more that we get to know each other so that is awesome. I am allowed to drive the car. Elder Cavin actually came down on exchange on Tuesday and I drove all Tuesday and Wednesday. They just made me a driver in the mission, so Elder Evans and I are both drivers now. The Zone is truly one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful in the mission. It has Italy in it and the Austrian alps.

HY is doing well. We are planning on meeting with him on Thursday with a member. HT is doing okay. He was in the hospital last week, but he is making slow progress which is good. P is doing really well. We are working on a baptismal date with him and hopefully will have it this week. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ this last week! L is doing well. We ate dinner with her family last week, and they are all way amazing. Sadly they just don’t all believe in the gospel. We have taught a lot of people! But the other people that we have been teaching aren’t progressing as much as these folks.

We are teaching a Romanian family, which includes a mom and her two adult sons. They are interested, especially the mom and her married son. 

The weather isn’t too bad. It is a little chilly, but I am not freezing! I had an Austausch with Elder Cavin this past week in my area. That was a ton of fun. We were over at the Family Z and they are sooo cool. They made us tacos and we got to know them really well. Then they invited us over for Christmas. We now have 4 Christmas appointments. Here there isn’t really a specific day of Christmas, it is more like 2 weeks of Christmas - haha.

Today for Pday we are headed to Salzburg to shop! I want to finally buy a suit. And we built the fence last week for a non-member, Frau L. She is a 78-year old lady who is really cool! We served her again this week, and we helped her separate some wood! So that was also really fun and she made us that food again that's so awesome. It is called Zwetschgen bovesen (which is similar to French Toast in the USA - made with bread, eggs, plum jam, cinnamon and sugar). 

We had dinner a few times - once with the Z family, as I mentioned earlier. We also ate with family L, when we taught Patrick. That is his family. They live in the most beautiful place is on Mondsee, which is an awesome lake. We also ate dinner with our investigator L’s family. So we did get a decent amount of eating appointments. This next week is PACKED with eating appointments already!

This week will be pretty busy - with appointments and an Austausch. I am headed to Salzburg with Elder Lyman, and we have Zone training tomorrow. We also have a finding day in our area for our District on Saturday. I will be in Salzburg a lot this week! I am really excited for Zone Training, as I get to see Elder Badders, Elder Holm (my MTC comp), Elder Spencer (a really good friend from Tübingen District), and a few others that I haven’t seen in a blue moon. So this week will be tons of fun!

Shopping isn’t too bad. There is a Lidl right across the street. We have a mini fridge, but it is big enough for the two of us.  

Thanks for the great quotes and for all that you do for me! You are amazing and I miss you! I can’t wait till we can Skype on Christmas - it will be great! Hey, this is my last Christmas away! Weird!
I love you tons,
Elder Ridd
We made a cake on weekly planning day - hah!
The LDS cake!

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