Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Baptism and Return of the Car - 12/22/14

Baptism photos!

Christmas market in Salzburg
Mondsee with fog
On the fortress
Haha Mama - dein Deutsch ist vollkommen! 
My week has been really good. And yeah, I did have a baptism yesterday. P was baptized and it went really well! It was a really cool experience. 

Church was really good. We got to sing in Sacrament meeting with the Ward Choir; somehow they wanted Elder Caldwell and me to join them. Haha, we are not the best singers but hey, why not?! And then there were really good talks about helping the poor and a few more musical numbers. And then, after the meetings there was the baptism of P. It went really well and was a really good meeting. 

District meeting on Tuesday went really great. It is hard to keep them limited to an hour and a half because there is so much that we like to discuss there, but it was really good. Elder Caldwell and I are still doing great, and the rest of the week was also good. I was on exchange with Elder Cavin on Tuesday so we could interview P. It was a really fun exchange, because Elder Cavin and I know each other so well. Today we will climb a mountain near Salzburg, so that will be a ton of fun. Tonight we have another member appointment with our former ward mission leader and his wife. They are awesome! So we are really excited for a great week ahead of us. 

The car is good. We got it back on Thursday evening, and we are really excited to have it again. It is pretty hard to travel around and meet with a ton of people in this area without a car. But hey, we got it back now and we are mobile, so all is well. 

The investigators are doing well. HY is doing okay; we talked with him more about tithing. We have a really good relationship with him. HT is also doing okay, but he dislocated his shoulder in his sleep this week, which really set him back. He had to go to the hospital, which was hard for him. But we gave him a priesthood blessing and will not give up on him. He is such a cool dude!

Sounds like you have been pretty busy making Christmas goodies! Good stuff. We have gotten a ton of Christmas goodies from the members here....I am going to get so fat. 

We did get to serve Frau L this week. We cleaned out her birdhouses for her. She was really concerned that we wouldn’t get to do it before the snow came, but we got it done. That entailed climbing up a huge ladder and cleaning them a little. 

Haha, Dad told me that yesterday was a good sport day. And I have 45 minutes to Skype you for Christmas. I am not too sure what time - probably anywhere from 7:30 to 9AM. But yeah, the week was great. We are excited for Christmas week and know it will be a really good week. We have a lot of member appointments, so we are really excited. 

Thanks for everything and for the great letter. I am glad that you had a good birthday!
Love you tons,
Elder Ridd

PS: Fröhliche Weihnachten! Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag! 
Elder Caldwell and Elder Ridd - from the fortress

The fortress that we visited

From the fortress

Mondsee (view from Familie L's place)

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