Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Conference & Preparing for a Baptism - 12/15/14

Almost the Schwenningen District again!
Elder Ridd, Sister Siems, Elder Pyle, Elder Cavin and Elder Plumb
Elder Smith, Elder Ridd, Elder Holm (MTC comp) and Elder Pyle
Liebe Mutti! Schönen Guten Tag! 
This week was really good and still flew by, even though we have been running around without a car, haha. We are making things work with public transport and stuff. Sunday was pretty good! Sadly HT couldn’t make it because he was having really bad pain, and HY slept in - dangit! But L, P and T were there so that was still good. We had two eating appointments with members, which were fun. After church we were at the Familie I. They are really cool! They have 3 boys who are 10, 8, and 6. We had really good vegetables and pork. Then later we were by Family L; they are older and their kids are all grown up. That was different for me, as I have been having eating appointments with tons of kids for the last transfer, haha. That was still really good and a ton of fun. Bischof Roth is way nice; we actually ate steak with him on Saturday, and he can grill pretty good!

Scarlett (our car) is still injured and in the shop. Sadly, nobody has taken responsibility for hitting it! It takes forever to get permission and then the dealership says it will take 5 days to repair. We are still waiting on the permission to give the go-ahead....sooo it might be awhile without the car. 

We have not helped Frau L in quite some time. We cannot really get to her place. And P is getting ready for his baptism next week. So that is good. We need to teach him the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom before his interview on Tuesday.

We had our Christmas Conference with President Kohler on Thursday and it was a ton of fun. We had it in Salzburg with the Wien Zone, so there were around 80 missionaries there. I got to see a ton of missionaries I have not seen in awhile so that is always cool! I did get my Christmas presents! The package was great. I did not open the wrapped gifts, no worries, haha. But I did open the PJs and the stocking. Thanks! I always love everything in the package, Mama! We got to watch Meet the Mormons at the party which was wayyyy awesome. We had a white elephant, and I was really lazy and not feeling creative so I gave chocolate away (Haha - and so did half the mission). I got a sword in return, some random wooden sword that someone saw at a Christmas market. I looked pretty weird carrying it back in my suit. The singing went well. And Elder Plumb actually ended up doing a duet with Sister Siems. It was good! President Kohler spoke to us and also gave us a patch that says Alpineländische Mission on it. The Neumarkt ward cooked soup for all the missionaries there.

Today I received a package from our home ward in Texas! There were cards and lots of candy, and also socks and deodorant in it. It was really great - tell them I said thanks a ton! 

Pday last week was really good; we didn’t end up making it to the castle, but we went around Salzburg with the other guys so that is always fun. We are planning on the castle today. I think we can probably make it today. Something cool I did this past week was play basketball with the young Austrian parents in the ward. And let's just say they call me Michael Jordan now....haha! ;)

Elder Caldwell is doing great. He is a way cool guy and we are way good buddies. No new investigators this week; we are trying to prioritize the people we are meeting with, as it takes a lot longer to travel now. So of course, P is priority number one. We are trying to prepare him for baptism this next week as well as we can. 

We will Skype on the 25th, but I am not exactly sure on the time yet. Probably in the morning for you guys, no earlier than 7 for sure. Thanks for the great email! I love you tons! Have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Elder Badders and Elder Ridd
Elder Hancey and Elder Ridd
Mozart's Birth-house
Mondsee Schloss, featured in The Sound of Music.

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