Monday, December 29, 2014

Frohe Weihnachten! - 12/29/14

Elder Ridd on P-day ~ Geisberg, Austria

Snow! Photo taken from the L family's home
Christmas Eve District Photo
Back Row (Left to Right):  Elder, Elder Cavin, Elder Caldwell, Elder Ridd, Elder Plumb
Front Row: Sister Winters, Sister Wilkes, Elder Kingery
Liebe Mutti and Pops!
I did have a great rest of the week since we Skyped. That is really weird that it was only around 4 days ago. I really enjoy talking to you all as well. It was a ton of fun and I miss you all a lot! I hope you all had a great Christmas. After visiting the family D, we headed over to the B family's home and ate there. We ate a French toast casserole, which was really good and then we chatted until around 9:30 and then headed home. We celebrated the 24th with HT at the Z family's home.

On the 26th we went to the KD home, where we had Schnitzel - which was amazing! He read a story about Christmas, and then we chatted the rest of the time. Afterward we headed to the family L and had a great time with them. HT was also there with us.

There are some people off work during Christmas holidays, but some people are still working; it really just depends on where you work. That is pretty crazy that Park heads back to BYU on Sunday, and that Lukas has a birthday. Man, everyone is growing up so much! It is so weird to think that Luke is an adult, and that Hayden drives.... haha, crazy!

The people on the streets don't seem to want to talk a ton still - haha. I think the stress of the season gets to them as well. But it was really easy to spark up conversations because of the Christmas season. We were calling people last night and we set up around 5 appointments with new people, so this week we will be meeting with a lot of new people for the first time. The investigators are doing well; HY didn't make it to church again - sadly, but HT was there and was happy. He is doing amazing. L didn't make it; we think that she is on vacation in Vienna. 

Today for Pday we are not doing too much. I haven't had a Pday where I stayed in the apartment yet, and that is what we are going to do today - relaxing a little bit. We actually have been doing service today up until now, helping move chickens for a member and then we helped get a sick member some medicine, so we will just go home and hang out, sleep, study, or whatever. 

We do have another District meeting on Wednesday morning. New Year's Eve we will be with family L for a little bit, teaching P, and then we are headed to the family MM. On New Year's Day we have an invitation from the LR family to eat. And yeah - the time sure flies! I guess we find out next week what happens for transfers. I think we will both stay, but you never know! 

It did snow a lot - actually it is coming down pretty heavily right now. Since we have Skyped it has been snowing off and on, so that is pretty cool! I like the snow. And I am warm enough and have been using the hand and foot warmers.

Thanks for the email! I love you lots! It was great to Skype with you. Have a great week!
Elder Ridd
Skyping with the family on Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner - soooo good!

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